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Put down the torches and pitchforks! I know not ALL lesbian fiction is not the same, that title is not really what I think. Lesbian fiction is a vast array of stories. I will say this: I have a very very VERY extensive library of lesbian literature, and I have noticed a trend that, to me, has gotten to be very boring, and tedious to try and rummage around when trying to find something new to read. Tell me if this sounds familiar:

Main Character (A) Is a successful (businesswoman/officer, detective, secret agent/living her dream job) who never thought that love was for her. She is (either: trying to bed every woman she sees, or is running away from a hurt past with her ex) who is so wrapped up in her business that she can’t even begin to settle for “the one” until unexpectedly, she runs into Main Character (B). Main Character (B) is (either a quirky creative type or a no-nonsense working type). When their eyes meet an unexpected attraction occurs that will bring them together even when (most likely) both will try to steer clear of each other, but oh no, they end up having to spend more time together and start to fall in love. Just when things are starting to go oh so well, enter unnecessary conflict, usually in the form of misunderstanding something, or a slight untruth is reveled, and one loses trust in the other. Now the non-hurt one must try and win the other back again with some other act of trust, will she succeed? Yes, of course she will, in the second to last chapter. Then the thing that brought them together will be resolved and the story ends with them riding off into the sunset, implying eternal happiness.

Sound familiar? It does to me. No offense to those kinds of formulaic stories, but after reading the 20th one (barely an exaggeration, if at all) that follows this formula, it gets really dull. I don’t mind when one has a quirk that makes me think it’ll be different, and, in all truth, my favorite sub-genre of the lesbian fiction genre is the coming out story, or at least the realization that the main character is a lesbian, that usually catches my interest. We see these types alot in fantasy and historical, as well as sci-fi and a LOT of them are the standard coming-out in high school story, since, to me, that is where all the conflict comes in.

In most of the novels that I’ve generalized above, they know who they are (and are quite successful usually) and the emotional stakes always seem muted to me. I know I’m over generalizing those, and despite what it seems, on the contrary, I LOVE lesbian fiction, and usually read most what I get my hands on, but this trend really has me skipping over these formulaic novels in search of the truly original.

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Yuri Tale Inside OuT Vol 3 Page 111 – The Yuri Canon

Read from the beginning

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I’ve had a hell of a week, between the reinstalling of everything on my computer due to some strange virus to going to Trans Pride March and an art stream today.  I am now worn out and not feeling to good, back and leg hurts like crazy, I need to go lay down, but wanted to post the new pages first. Hope you enjoy this new background story behind Onchi’s character. More posted on Patreon. 

Okay, going to lay down now, i’ll be back to work as usually on Tuesday. 

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I’m almost done all these Character Profile pages. Just one more I have sketched and want to complete, then there are a few very minor characters I’m not to sure about… 

Anyways, I ended the stream early, thanks those of you who dropped by. My Back is bothering me so I’m going to go lay down for a few. i’ll try to stream again another time. 

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Still on a roll here, having some troubles with my hand this week, but at least I got these pages done last week so don’t have to worry too much and can relax a little.

Well enjoy

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i’m planning on doing an art stream tomorrow Sat June 24th… you know I forgot the month on that image… opps… gotta run out the door soon so… anyways, I am only going to the Trans Pride event today, Friday, so thought I’d do an art stream tomorrow for everyone. I hope some of you can join me. Also, if you are at the Toronto Trans Pride event and see some non-binary person with a panda backpack, a Miku Lanyard, and fuzzy black kitty eared headphones that is probably me. 

Opps, Forgot to mention that is will be EST. So 1pm EST is about 3 and a half hours away. I’m trying to upload some of the videos from the Trans Pride March to youtube right now and will be posting some of the photos as well in a moment. 

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