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New page of my yuri manga Inside OuT is now posted on Patreon and scheduled for Tapastic on Saturday the 29th

I’m trying to get as much done before the 29th not only so it will be posted on time, but so I don’t have to work on my B-day, knowing me I still will because that is just how I am. 

Other news: I found out some bad news… I’ve been trying to get all our bills lowered and my Patreon Supporters have been a lot of help allowing us to get other things we need to keep doing art. I was looking into subsidized housing because our rent keeps going up and it now beyond our rent allowance, the reason we needed help with our bills was because of this really. Anyways, I just discovered that the city has closed down 1,000 homes and there is now a waiting list in the 18,000s… so looks like we are stuck paying too much for this crummy apartment. I’ve looked into other apartments, but everything is so expensive and I need to stay in the city due to my health, hard to find specialist that deal with my health issues, never mind getting into an LGBT clinic too. 

That being said I’m more then grateful to all of you who have supported me on Patreon. This would have been a rough year without you all. I can’t express how much it all really means to me. I plan to do more videos and work now that I have a machine that actually keep up with the demands. 

If you wish to support me in my mission to create even more stories about sexuality and gender identity stories and art then please join my Patreon page. Every little bit counts. 

Or you can donate to my Ko-fi page if you don’t like the whole monthly thing. 

Also spreading the word about my work and reading on Tapastic helps. 

Thanks again for all your support. Hopefully now that taxes are done and this machine is working I can work a little faster at creating more art and stuff for you all. 

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I’ve been doing these quick sketches where I try to draw something in the span of 15 mins or less. It is kind of a warm up practice for the start of the week, and the fact that at the time I could only post 15 min long videos on youtube… Several of them I recorded and already posted on my Youtube channel for my Patrons, I wish I could change the channel name in the URL as well since it still says my old username…

Recently I decided to open up a few of the older ones for public access. There are only a few open, along with the videos of my new computer build and Miku Expo videos. I plan to do a lot more videos about art and writing in the future for my Patreon page. Will slowly make them public as time passes by. For now four of them are open, one is of my toning process for my yuri manga series Inside OuT, the other are me drawing Rin… because i’m a tad obsessed with drawing her.

They are old, and quickly done, but maybe some will find them interesting. First few are on Sai, then I moved to Clip Studio Paint in the middle of last year.

well enjoy.

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If you know know GW2 is one of the gayest MMOs I’ve come across, the Devs have been great with lots of LGBT representations such as a trans NPC and several openly gay characters, including an on screen lesbian kiss. Well the next episode for Live World 3 is coming out on May 2nd and I’m so excited because it looks like the lesbian couple are both together in this one again, recently they have had missions in different areas of the world so seeing them together is exciting. Apparently LW3 is coming to a close soon and many think this means a new expansion soon too.

Anyways, you can read about it and watch the new trailer on their page, warning it is filled with spoilers if you haven’t played this far.

I’m hoping I can get this new machine’s audio working to record some of the excitement. But must work on art before playing video games that week…

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I spent the day inking the next page of my Yuri series Inside OuT as I try to make up for last week. Took a bit, but got the inking done, now just need to get the toning finished and this is ready to be posted on Saturday. 

Also, I noticed that Inside OuT has had another increase in subscribers on Tapas recently. We have gone up another 25 subs in a couple of weeks, now at 276. getting closer to 300. Thanks everyone, glad you are enjoying this little tale of mine. 

Help support me in my mission to create even more stories and art dealing with gender identity, sexuality and more by donating to my Patreon page. Only $1 a month gets you advanced viewing of newly finished pages. The next $5 monthly wallpaper set will be posted shortly. I’ve been making a lot of new videos with the new computer and plan to do a lot more. 

Or you can give me a Ko-fi. 

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