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Yuri Tale Inside OuT Vol 3 Page 131

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Confused, here is the Character Relationship chart and the Character profile pages. 

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Thanks for reading this page, nearly done with the whole Sign Language bit, you can actually see the last page of this arc on Tapastic and Patreon now. It has been one hell of a learning experience. I’m just glad people have been enjoying this little piece of Akira’s story. 

Art is currently going slowly this week as in-laws are visiting shortly so had to do a lot of cleaning up as I prepare for their arrival. I’m still ahead on Patreon, but not as much as I’d like to be. After the In-laws visit I need to go out for my bi-annual medial tests, to make sure my Thyroid is still doing alright. *sighs* I hate these tests. 

Well I hope some of you enjoy this page. I’ll have more up next week. 


Page 132 is also up on Tapas. Sorry to be late at posting this, I’ve been asleep, not feeling to good as I prepare for the visit… Hopefully it will go smoothly. 

Well enjoy. 

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Finally at the end of the sign language part… that took a lot longer then I expected, but I hope some of you enjoyed it. I’m rather busy right now, but getting next week’s pages done right now, hopefully I won’t have a delay, but it all depends on how things go next week with in-laws visiting and my needing to go in for my bi-annual medical appointments.

Well hope you enjoy this page. I have more up on Patreon for those interested in supporting me. Every bit counts.


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Note: Review Copy provided by Idea Factory International. This is going to be a historic review for the blog. What do I mean. As a long time Neptunia fan this will be the first spinoff game of the franchise I … Continue reading

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