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The latest stage in our authentication redesign effort improves signup and site creation on our mobile applications. (WordPress.com offers apps for your Android or iOS device.)


To simplify signup, we’ve separated site creation from account creation. Signup now has its own flow guiding you through the process, allowing you to modify information as you go.

It begins with a choice: you can signup via email, or signup via your Google account.

Signup with Email or Google

If you select Google, the Google signup process is presented.

Signup with Google

If you select email, we’ll send you a signup email after you enter your email address. Clicking the link it contains completes the signup process.


In either case, we’ll present a final screen where you can modify your display name and username. We’ll share a list of username options to choose from based on your current username. If you’ve signed up with an email address, you’ll also get the opportunity to set an account password.

And, finally, once signup is complete, you’ll be able to create your first site!

Signup Site

WordPress.com Site Creation

The new site-creation flow walks you through the steps involved, providing more options and flexibility.

First, we’ll ask you to choose the type of site you want — either a blog, website, or portfolio. This choice dictates the mobile-friendly starter themes we’ll show you in the following step. Once you select a theme, we’ll ask you for your site’s title and tagline. Based on the site title you enter, we’ll offer a list of available domain name suggestions you can choose from. Once you select a domain, we’ll create the site and show you a preview of it. At that time, you can either configure site settings or jump right into writing your first post.

Get the WordPress.com App for your device

WordPress.com offers apps for your Android or iOS device.


What do you think of the new signup and site creation changes? We’d love to hear your thoughts and look forward to your feedback!

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Inside OuT Vol 4 Page 001 by The Yuri Canon (AKA Kat)

Read from the beginning on Tumblr

Check the Character Profile Page / Character Relationship Chart

Want to help me continue to create Queer webcomics? Check my link page for Patreon, Ko-fi, Tapas and other ways to help me out. 

Here is Page 1, sorry for the delays. I’ll try to remember to post here each week, but tend to schedule pages on Tapas first. 

Thanks for the support, Hope you enjoy the new volume. 


Newest pages now up on Tapas

See WIP, Advanced pages and more on Patreon for as low as $1 a month. 

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Inside OuT Vol 4 cover art

Read more of Inside OuT from the start

Check the Character profile pages for more / Also the Character relationship chart. 

Want to help me create more webcomics and art? Check my links page for my Patreon, Tapas and other ways to help support me. 

Sorry I’ve been really out of it the past couple of weeks, started up new meds and dealing with a bunch of stuff so ended up forgetting to update this tumblr page. I’ve been keeping on Schedule on Tapas, somehow, along with just finished up inking all of Another Tale Part one, over on Patreon. Just been a mental mess the past couple of weeks. Here are the next two pages. 


Newest pages are now up on Tapas

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