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Author Tanique Adams

Happy Halloween to you all! I hope you’re having a frightfully good time with the festivities. Try not to eat too much candy. I have a wonderful treat to share with you all today. I don’t know how familiar you might be with my earlier book series, Trials of the Junsuikaoni, but regardless of if you know it or not yet, you will see a revival of it.

Yes, I’ve decided to rewrite the series, book by book and make it a bit more polished and less variable over the plot points. I love the series as it is now, but I’m aware it has its flaws and imperfections. There are also certain aspects I want to change, that I realize aren’t what I want to portray in the story, at least not in the manner they have been portrayed thus far. I hope this sounds interesting to you all…

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I finally figured out how to add in scrolling text to my videos so I can thank all my Patreon supporters and Those who donated stuff this month. I’ve wanted used to try to add in everyone, but the list got to long so needed to figure out how to fit everyone, I hope this works. 

There is also a special thanks to those of you on Tumblr who have been Helping support my new Asura art, I really appreciate all the likes and reblogs, Thanks so very much. Most notably are @tehnems @the-skrool @Silvernis @smolsura @hanamizono Not sure why, but I can’t seem to get the Mentions to work on a few of you… hopefully you’ll see this. 

Thanks so much for your support this month. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween

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Here is the Vigil’s way of handling this Rescue mission. I only have the Whisperer’s left to post and I’ve done all the Asura personal story missions. Next up are the Orders. I will be doing these through the eyes of the Asura. If people want to see the other races then please donate to my Ko-fi or Patreon so I can continue this series. If you donate please tell me which race you desire me to do and what storyline you want.

Thanks for watching these videos. I have more to come in the near future. 

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Inside OuT vol 3 Page 128

Read from the Beginning

Lost, check the character profile page or the Relationships chart

Help me continue to create more yuri art and other stuff by supporting one of my page, donate to my Ko-fi or Patreon. 

Sorry for the delay in posting these here. I’ve been rather sick the past few days and somehow I managed to get things done but still not doing too well. I planned to do an Asexual Awareness piece of Ayumi and Akira again this year, but didn’t have the time so I did one on m Guild Wars 2 page of my Asura,

Well hope you all have a Safe and fun Halloween, I’ll be back to work tomorrow. 


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Well, the day has finally arrived. I’m sure some of you may have been wondering what was going on with everything and why no new chapter has been released in almost 2 months. Well, it’s because I kind of hit a block, then I had the stress of my life piling up and I just kind of wanted to do other things for a while. However, I spent the last two days finishing up the final three chapters and so I can officially say that Forever Friends is complete. I really tried to end things with a, perhaps some might say, open ending because I felt that this was best for the theme.  My intention was to leave a bit of an impression, that makes you really think about the flaws of humanity and if it will ever be possible to achieve true equality and true happiness in life and love. I also felt that it might be nice to allow the readers to form their own endings for each of my couples and/or family units and so I’ve left their fates open too.  Overall, I find the conclusion satisfying. The last three chapters can be found here! Bonus chapters and such will be available in time, but Patreon will be the first to get them,  just fyi.

So now, I’d like to thank you all for reading and supporting this story and any others in the past or those yet to come. This was a fun journey and I look forward to bringing you even more interesting stories, with a diverse cast of characters and themes. I’m already brainstorming my next project and soon I’ll have my starting draft on paper. I won’t be sharing this story publicly for a while, but if you become my Patreon, you’ll get to see it develop over time and even get to offer feedback. I also have some other top secret things coming up in regards to my written works, but that’s also going to be Patreon exclusives. However, I won’t abandon my loyal followers of this blog. I’ll have goodies for you to check out too, so stay tuned.  For those who are new to my page and my works as a whole, you may find the link to my Patreon below, along with the link to buy me a coffee or donate to my paypal. You can also find my Facebook below as well as my twitter. Thank you again!






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