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Yuri Tale Inside OuT Vol 3 Page 137

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Lost, check the Character Profile page or Character relationship page. 

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Well, 2017 is nearly at an end, which also means that it is the 9th anniversary for Inside OuT. Dec 28th of 2008 I started this series and it is hard to believe but i’ve been able to keep going at it for 9 years now. I may only be able to get a page or so done a week, but I’ll continue to plug along and am glad to see so many enjoying this little series. 

With 2018 I hope to increase productivity, thanks to the support of my patrons and other donations. This new computer has proven to be very handle to help with my medical issues. I plan to try to learn more Google Sketch up and other programs that might help me continue even when my health declines. I’ll continue as long as I’m physically able to do so. 

Next year I have a new Relationship chart to be posted along with even more Character Profile pages, most already on Patreon and discord, with plans for even more. I have a side story in the works along with a lot more planned for Inside OuT itself. Here is hoping 2018 is another productive year. 

Thanks for all your support. 


Another year is soon to come to a close. I hope you all have a good New Years and keep warm. See you all in 2018.

Next page of Inside OuT is up on Tapastic. 

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Dec 28th of 2008 I posted the first page of Inside OuT on Deviant Art. Over the next few years I would post pages as I got them done. I had not been drawing for 6 years due to a mental collapse, but wanted to really draw a story about Gender identity that I’d been writing. My wife and Doctor said I had to take it slow so I had to relearn how to draw a lot and slowly built myself back up to a page a week.

It Has now been 9 years since I returned to drawing manga and I’ve managed to draw over 460 page for Inside OuT alone in that time. Thanks so much for all your support and here is looking forward to what 2018 brings.

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It has been a long time since I posted a double review. To commemorate the return of this review style of mine we will be taking a look at two “Cycling Girls” themed anime that aired back to back. Not … Continue reading

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On Dec 28th of 2008 I posted the first page of Inside OuT on Deviant Art. I hadn’t drawn in 6 years due to a mental collapse so it was a struggle to get going again and my wife and doc enforced that I had to take things slowly this time, no overworking or pushing myself too hard.

During those 6 years I wrote a lot of novels and one of those stories I really wanted to draw, I wanted to work on a story about gender identity and self discovery, just took a long time to work out just how to go about it. Over the first few years I posted pages as I got them done. Just trying to get what I could done each week. Finally moving to a weekly schedule. 

But in 2005 my health declined again, this time I wasn’t sure if I could continue, but with the support of all of you I was able to push through it all, started up my Patreon and moved all the pages, at higher quality, over to Tapastic. Since then I’ve been focusing on the Asexual storyline, giving Akira more character development, learning how to add in sign language into the story and have plans for so much more. 

Hard to believe I’ve made it to 9 years and 460 pages. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs throughout, but I’m glad i’m able to continue and that people are still enjoying this story. 

Thanks everyone for all your support. 

You can Read Inside OuT Here on Tumblr. 

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Or get advanced pages, WIP, wallpaper, videos and more on Patreon


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Here is a look at some of my art for 2017. It is the first time in a while that I’ve been able to fill every month of one of these, never mind all in colour. It was a year of a lot of challenges for me and new stuff. Like finally drawing Guild Wars 2 Asura and critters as well as many pages of Sign Language for Inside OuT. I’m glad people have been enjoying my Asura art, and yes there will be more just need to find the time to finish them. Also, happy people are enjoying Akira so much, my little deaf ace from Inside OuT. 

I have one more manga page to finish this month and hopefully an RA piece and that is it for 2017. Here is looking forward to what 2018 brings. 

Thanks everyone for all your support. 


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