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My webcomic, Inside OuT- A Yuri tale just reached 600 subs on Tapas. Thanks everyone for reading and subscribing. I’m glad so many are enjoying it. I have a lot more to come, just need to work on more pages before posting them. 

Thanks for all the support. Back to work with me. 

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If you are looking at this, then you know the next page is here! I’ve been keeping to my schedule of working on Kokoro No Kinu between my Tuesday and Thursday classes, but that feels really slow for me, at this point I’m only releasing a page a week, which is fine, I guess, but I really wish I could be doing more on this end.

The problem is that between this and classes, I really don’t have much else that fits the theme of this “blog” (shudders, I hate that word). I watch a lot of good anime that is out this season (Like Yuri Camp, Marchen Madchen, Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san, Takunomi, Slow Start, and of course Citrus) and I’m engrossed in some really good shows (Star Trek Discovery, The Orville (Which just ended it’s first season in December), and Marvel’s Runaways (LOVED the comic, even more enthusiastic with the show, especially what they did with Nico and Karolina!) As well as way too many comics and books to name. There are already a lot of great reviewers who would do, and are doing, a better job then me, so I feel that area isn’t really right for me. Either way, I’ve complained long enough, let’s get onto the main event!

Ch3 Page 17.jpg

I think I talked enough above, that I really don’t have much else to mention, so I’ll do the usual and be off.

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See you all next time,


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Not doing too well today, over slept due to nightmares, general depression and feeling overly tired, but I did finish a new piece today, tried out a different colouring style, but not really sure how I feel about it right now. 

Full version is up on Patreon

Characters are Akira and Ayumi from my webcomic Inside OuT. 

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