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Been a while since I promoted Neptunia and Senran Kagura releases around here so it’s time to rectify that. Get ready PC/Steam users, for two more entries in two franchises consisting of many lesbian and ambiguously gay ladies are coming … Continue reading

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Inside OuT: A Yuri Tale – By The Yuri Canon

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Character relationship chart Character Profile page

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Newest page is done, already up to 11 pages finished for Another tale. See some of the new art I’ve done for this side story on my main tumblr page

Hopefully I’ll have the sketching done next week and can begin inking and toning. 

Thanks for the support


Read the newest page on Tapastic now 

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Managed to finish this one rather quickly this week, did it all in one day. Hope some enjoy it. Now I have time to try to finish up sketching out the rest of Another Tale. Just a small bit more left and I can get to inking and toning the first part.

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The theme in all three shows this week were journeys of varying lengths. So Summer Vacation had come for our heroines. Yuu and Misa wanted to party while Jun focused on her studies but could spare the afternoon to hang … Continue reading

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