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Category: ace characters

Happy Asexual Awareness Week! The Ace story line in my yuri webcomic, Inside OuT, continues through Vol 3 following Ayumi as she slowly understands what it means to be Ace and Akira, The little deaf head of the Ace club, the only member of the High School division until Ayumi comes around. 

I’m glad people are enjoying this story arch, mostly Akira. I spent a lot of time doing research on being deaf and got help from friends on writing this Ace story line itself. I have more planned for the future.

Check my Links page for my Social media pages as well as ways to help support me in my attempt to continue creating Ace and Trans stories. 

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My May $5 Monthly Patreon Wallpaper Reward is now up. This month is Asexual Ayumi from my webcomic series Inside OuT. 

Wallpaper pack comes with 5 different styles for PC, Tablet, cellphone and more. 

Read Ayumi’s Ace storyline in vol 3 of Inside OuT. New pages posted on Saturdays at 5 EST

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