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A little gift for fans of Akira from my yuri tale, Inside OuT. Akira is a little deaf girl who is also the head of the Asexual club. She first appeared in Vol 2 of Inside OuT and during Vol 3 her popularity grew as she tries to help another Ace find her way. Akira may be small and deaf but she doesn’t let that stop her. Using a cellphone app to speak and lip reading she has become a major part of the gang. She’s just a tad lonely since pretty much everyone around her is major gay aside from her, so discovering another Ace makes her very excited. 

I’m only disappointed that it took me so long to introduce her character. I was redrawing and working out her characteristics for 6 years before she actually appeared in the story. I’m so glad people are enjoying her because I didn’t know how people would take this little character with a big heart. 

After doing the Trans piece for Setsuko the other month 

I would do one for each character with their flag behind them.  Might take a while since there are so many characters in the series so far… 

There will be more of her and the others each week. Vol 3 is now half away over, but there is so much more to tell. You can read all of the series now on Tapastic  or here on Tumblr. 

Help support me so I can continue to create this series and more gay art by donating to my Patreon page. For $1 you get advanced viewing of future pages, $3 gets step by step updates on each image, sketches, WIP and more, $5 gets wallpaper, tutorials, videos and other stuff. 

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