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Hey everyone, it’s that time again where I review the anime I watched in the previous season. I’ve been limiting the anime I watch greatly and have therefore become very selective due to life and time constraint burdens, so the list isn’t a long one, but still some of the great ones. I will begin with a random addition that I happened to binge from last night, then the Winter 2017 leftover and finally the main event, the Spring 2017 anime. I hope you’ll enjoy as always and thanks!

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Hey everyone, I bring news of the long awaited announcement of SMC Season 4. We learned a few months ago that we’d indeed be getting a continuation, but not much else. However, in honor of Usagi’s Birthday, they’ve announced that Season 4, which is the Dream Arc, will be released as two theatrical films, rather than a full season. This might seem very surprising and maybe some people will have issues with this, but I actually think this is the perfect way to handle this next arc. Allow me to explain why.

  1. This arc in the manga was considerably shorter than the previous arcs and so there is  much less that needs to be adapted. Two movies will definitely be enough to cover the material. Yes, that means no additional filler content, but its not like we got much of that in Crystal anyway, since they’ve been going pretty faithfully by the book. Also, this arc doesn’t need many additions anyway.
  2. The plot of this arc is much more confined and character focus, rather than on the action and unmasking the new guardians and enemies. There is a big baddie of course, but they are not as saturated in the entirety of the plot, as the focus is on the guardian’s and their future dreams, as well as the moon family and their future. The Dead Moon Circus is more of a catalyst for these revelations, than being evil just for the sake of being evil, like we saw in the previous seasons’ villains. We’ve already met all the Sailor Guardians, so there’s no more reveals to be had and so we will now be able to focus on strengthening each and making them prepared for the events that will come in the final Stars arc. We get a lot of background info about the origins and roles of Moon and Mask and meet Helios as well and all of that takes the focus of the arc, rather than the big baddies. So a movie will make this flow better and allow for richer storytelling often lost in the time constraints of 24 minute episodes.
  3. Movies mean a bigger budget and therefore better animation. I’ve personally had no issues with the animation, but many have, so by being in movie form, this season will hopefully pacify the animation enthusiasts. It also means they have more freedom with the direction and content, which means they are unlikely to censor anything, where the risk is always there when being streamed on television. (Not that this arc has much to censor though)
  4. The movies will likely fix many of the problems the 90’s Super S season had, namely the loose connection to the source, the bad animation, the annoying focus on Chibiusa and her terrible personality, the childish nature, and the biggest sin of all, erasing the Outer Guardians all together in the arc, except for the movie. Granted, a lot of this will be fixed simply by following the manga, but being a movie will allow it to have it’s naturally darker tone compared to the original and again, will allow the story to flow better and have everyone involved, making it that much more epic.
  5. The same director from Season 3 will be on board, which gives me high hopes of the season being a great one, since Season 3 was the best of the series so far imo.
  6. It’s a very beautiful and sentimental arc and so I think a movie would better do that justice.

The only con is that it will likely take longer to be released and for it to make it’s way overseas, especially if it’s a limited release. I’m hopeful that it’ll be a worldwide release though, when the time comes. However, there may be a painful wait between movie 1 and 2, so it may be the case that it’s better to wait for both to be released and watch in succession, rather than as they are available. That’s ultimately for you to decide for yourself. I haven’t even decided yet tbh, but before I can, I need more details on the release date, which is not announced yet, but if I were to guess, I’d say late next year at the earliest.

In perfect honesty, I’m glad it’s going to be movies rather than a full season, because I think it’s all it needs. It’s no secret that this arc is my least favorite not just in the classic anime, but in the manga as well for many reasons. So, I’m not all that heartbroken to not have a full anime season like the others and I can wait for the releases with little reservations. I’m excited for the arc of course because it’s SM and I love the series, but this news doesn’t bother me in the slightest, though I expect it might be upsetting to other diehards. When it comes to the final Stars arc however, I’m not sure if I’d be fine with this same treatment or not. I mean, it’s also short, but is much more action packed and so a full season for that final arc would be better in my opinion, but I guess I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Time will tell, but for now, let’s just be happy that the series is going to continue and will be coming in due time.

Check out the source article here. It’s also on the official SMC website.

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