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Inside OuT Vol 3 Page 129

Read from the beginning on Tumblr

Lost? Check the Character profile pages or the Character relationship charts

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Thanks for nearly 500 subscribers on Tapastic and almost 600 this Tumblr!!! i’m glad so many of you are enjoying this story after all this time, Thanks so much for all your support, Likes, reblogs and tips. Most of all those of you on Patreon and those who donated to my Ko-fi this year. It really means a lot to me. I nearly didn’t get the latest page done do to health reasons. This cold did a number on my joints, but I had to go out to pay bills and stuff. Was in so much pain this week I nearly didn’t get the next page done. But earlier today I told my wife that I only had 15 hours left before my deadline for a page a week and she said, “Well then go do it.” so I did. Hand still hurts a bit, but I now have the weekend off to recover, will get back to things on Tuesday as usual. 

Thanks again everyone, I really mean it. 


Vol 3 Page 130 is now up on Tapas, This marks the 450th page for this series. Thanks again for all your support. I couldn’t do it without you all. 

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Yuri Tale Inside OuT – Vol 3 Page 107 – The Yuri Canon

Read from the beginning at a larger scale here on tumblr. 

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Thanks so much for all the notes on the Character Profile pages from last week. I’m glad people are enjoying it. I have more done on Patreon and even more sketched and ready to go. Check my support page for my Patreon. 

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Who would have thought a simple scene of Ayumi carrying a couple of boxes would give me so much trouble… Had to scrap the original idea and redraw everything as I try to get this to look right… Still no where near finished… *sighs* Well, time to fix some little details and then get to toning this page. 

You can read Inside Out here on Tumblr

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Here are 8 of the 24 character profile pages I’ve been working on for my yuri series Inside OuT. You can see a full list of the characters here. 

Full Relationship Chart with the relations as of Vol 3. (Spoilers if you have not read that far.) 

I started with Setsuko on Trans visibility day and decided to continue with the two Aces, Ayumi and Akira. After that I just decided to do everyone as I come up with poses. Just not easy to come up with poses that keep to their personalities. The only one without a flag at the moment is Chitose, because she only appeared about 3 pages ago. I’ve created a lot of characters during the 8 years of writing this tale, I’m just glad people are still enjoying it. 

You can read over 420+ pages of this tale about gender idenity and sexuality in  a all-girls school of the arts here on Tumblr, starting at this page. 

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Here is the piece in this series I’m doing for all my characters from with their Flag behind them. I plan to do all the characters, just starting with the less represented ones, The two Asexual characters and the Trans character, I posted Akira and Setsuko earlier.

These characters are from my LGBT webcomic series Inside OuT about a group of girls at an all-girls school of the arts. Most are lesbians, but there are 26 characters so a number of different sexualities and genders identities appear. I’ll try to create one of these a week, but may have to combine some of the side couples or I’ll be at this forever. 

Thanks so much all of you who have subscribed. I’m still excited to see so many of you are enjoying the series so far. You can read all 424 pages that I’ve drawing over the past 8 years on Tapastic, and also tumblr (which is a week behind Tapastic) 

Also, if you could help support me on Patreon so I can continue to create this and many other gay series it would be much appreciated. Patrons get to see WIP, plans, videos, tutorials, access to my Discord channel, wallpaper and more, depending on how much you donate per month. 

Thanks again all of you who reblogged my post about reaching 250+ subs on Tapastic, it really means a lot to me. 

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