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I did it, I finally finished the entire Lunatic set of armor. This took a bit, mostly because I messed up and went for the Light set first as my free set from the Achievements… silly me that Medium set was killer to make, however my wife hasn’t played in a bit so she gave me all her leather and candy. So I was finally able to finish the set and get the final back back. 

Here is a look at what Asura look like in this set and the backs as well as a look at the dye channels for each one. Now I just need that witch’s outfit and the new Riding broom glider set add I’ll have all my Halloween desires… Might have to wait until next year for those… 

Thanks those of you who have been watching these and liking them. I’m glad you are enjoying this Asura look at GW2. If you have questions feel free to ask and I’ll try to answer them the best I can. 

Happy Halloween and gaming!

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Made another Beginner’s Guide to Guild Wars 2. This time covering the home instances. I hear a lot of new players lost as to where their home instance is so decided to show where they all are and what is inside them, as well as show off my many cats. There are links in the description to each races home so you can skip to that part of the video if you just want to see where you home is located. 

Hope some of you enjoy these videos. I’ll have more up eventually. 


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And here is another Guild Wars 2 Beginner’s Guide. I keep getting new questions and seeing questions in the chat so here is one that seems to be bothering some, what is Living World, is it needed, and why? My answer pretty much is, Yes, you need it. If you want the story it is needed, if you want more maps too and more masteries and other stuff. 

Here is the video of all LW1 cut-scenes and all the gay moments that you miss if you didn’t play during that time. Too bad this part isn’t in the game anymore, but you can experience the continuing story of the gay cuties in LW2 and LW3. 

Check out my youtube page for more guides and videos on the gayer side of GW2

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