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Category: Birthday

OMG, you guys are all so wonderful. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I can’t believe another Anon sent me a birthday gift on Ko-fi. Thank you so much. We used some of it to get myself FaceRig and Live 2D (it looks like my wife sent the gifts because we keep all the steam money on one account so she sent them to me.) I’ve wanted this program for a while now, but it didn’t work on my Laptop, but this new computer will be able to run it. Thanks to everyone I get to play with FaceRig and build my own avatar in Live 2D on my birthday. Which means more videos and such for you!

Thank you, Thank you!!! I’m off to play with it right now. Probably will make a silly video, but looking at some of the community made Live 2d models people made right now, so many to look through. 

Thanks again everything

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