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Hello everyone. It’s been a while. I’ve been busy working myself to the bone to keep 1 chapter/month deadline for Witches. However, today I’m taking a little break to discuss a wonderful anime called Blend S and a particular episode.

The plot is simply the protagonist is a girl looking for work, but unable to get a job due to her tendency to look sadistic. Fortunately for her she gets a job at a café with a particular quirk: All the waitresses have a gimmick (such as being a sadist, tsundere, little/big sister, or idol). Because the main character is naturally sadistic despite her best attempts to not be, she’s hired without question and the anime thus far is following her adventures at the café and her romance(?) with the manager. Oh, BTW this is technically a “straight” anime, but I don’t mind as said straight romance(s) are actually fairly enjoyable and played for romance. (Hell, I’m actually supporting an actual m/f couple!!!)

Indoor People.png

Now let’s start talking about the episode. The first half of the episode follows our crew of six as they have a barbeque in mountains. Half of the team, consisting of a Yuri Otaku, a Gamer Girl and a Doujinshi Artist, weren’t all too happy with having to be outside. I don’t blame them. Also, I’ll talk about the other characters later.

Indoor People2

Of course as an “indoor person” myself, I can verify they didn’t leave the comforts of four walls without being prepared!


Everyone was charged with bringing some item and our protagonist brought a WHOLE Tuna (she’s from a rich family), leaving the manager with the grueling task of chopping up and cooking it.

Loli x Beer

Also the cast’s token twenty-something loli is a beer drinker.


On the drive home, our oujo protagonist and the manager talked about going to the beach and she explained that the only swimsuit she has is her school swimsuit and asked him to going swimsuit shopping with her. Comedy (and dangerous driving) ensued.

Japanese Swimsuit

Behold the second best bod in the show.


While swimsuit shopping, the Manager (who happens to be Italian) thinks about how women in his homeland had a tendency to wear revealing swimsuits and imagined our Oujo in such a swimsuit.

Swimsuit A

A sexy three piece.


Swimsuit B

The hime cut goddess. I think she may be related to Dia.

Now some time for some character intros. As you may have pieced together, this our protagonist, Maika Sakuranomiya. She’s the youngest daughter of a rich family and is obsessed with foreign cultures. She tries her hardest to not be a sadist, but as I’ve explained before, it comes too naturally for her.



The oppai goddess!

Kaho Hinata, the girl with the best body (in my opinion). She’s the cafe’s “tsundere”, but when not working (and while even working), she’s the gamer girl.



The booty goddess.

Miu Amano, the girl with the third best body. She’s the cafe’s “big sister”, but she’s better known as a popular doujinshi artist who publishes m/f, yuri and BL doujinshi (all fetishes are fair game for her.)



The loli goddess.

Mafuyu Hoshikawa, the loli co-ed. She’s the cafe’s energetic “little sister”, but off the clock she is stoic. She’s fond a particularly magical girl anime (in which the protagonist resembles Maika remarkably).



My hero, the yuri otaku.

Now for some manservice. First up, is Kouyou Akizuki, the cafe’s cook, straight man and a passionate yuri fan. He and Kaho is the most likely this anime’s beta couple and I ship them!



The ragdoll.

Dino (no last name known). He’s the cafe’s manager and a total otaku. He loves Japanese culture (like a gender flipped Alice.) He happens to be the butt end of many jokes where Maika (accidentally) abuses him.



Of course he goes a little overboard.


The rest of the episode goes as following: Dino and Maika go to get shaved ice, but Maika realized she got cut, triggering for Dino to be chivalrous and tending to her wound. Cue romance flag.

Despite the fact this anime is focused on a m/f pairings, I enjoy this anime and the inclusion of a male yuri fan is rare and interesting. I hope the community can give it a chance.

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