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Ryoko – If you must know I bit Logan.
Kaita – You bit him?
Ryoko – Only a little.
Kaita – That is a lot of blood for a “Little” bite.
Ryoko – He deserved it, He was stealing candy from Childern.
Kait – Uhhh… huuh… Are you sure that costume isn’t going to your head?
Ryoko – You’re one to ask, Straw for brains.

Happy Halloween Everyone. Can’t believe I did two Halloween strips this month and both Guild Wars 2 related, You can see my first one here,  usually I’m too busy to do Halloween art works. If you don’t know the comment about Logan stealing candy is from an Outtakes soundcload in which Logan, well, steals candy from a child. You have to listen to it to believe me, it is about 17 second into the clip. 

After finally finishing that Lunatic Armor set and doing the video showing it off on each of my Asura character I couldn’t get the outfits out of my head and after finishing the next page of my webcomic I found myself drawing this bit of silliness. I hope some of you enjoy it. 

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Have a safe Halloween

Kat – The Yuri Canon

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