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Category: Cat ears


I got them!!!! I got the Furrocious Cat Ears!!!! I’m so excited. Need to draw her with these one sometime, taking the weekend off to recover from this cold. I can’t believe I got them. I was farming Iron to get these and just needed 20 more gold, but stopped to help some new players and explains some of the game mechanics that are not explained too well in game, like Break Bars, and answer some questions. When they asked what I was doing in the low areas I explained what I was farming for and a couple sent me to rest of the gold needed. One of the many reasons I love this game. I didn’t ask, or beg. I just helped people and they were generous and helped me in return. 

Now time for me to lay down and get some sleep. 

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Furocious Cat Ears, Mini Felines Familar and Noble Count Outfit are back!!!! I’ve been waiting for that Cat ears for a looonnggg time now. Missed them before, need to grind 85 gold, or do, to get the gems for them… but need to do art work first… I got even sicker today so don’t know how well that will go, but I have 7 days to try. Also, the Noble Count outfit I’ve loved because it allows female Asura and Charr to wear a Tux, it is great. I’ll try for that one if I can get those cat ears. 

Now off to try to draw more art work. 


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