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Oh my Patches is on the bed. This is great. She is moving enough now to get up on the bed. Throws off my plans to do laundry since I don’t want to disturb her, but wonderful all the same.

the-fragile-knight replied to your photo

Aww look at her resting her head on the pillow. I am glad she is feeling better.    

Bit by bit she is getting better. Yesterday she was walking around from room to room, but needed to rest a bit before moving more. Now she is up on the bed. Looks like the pain killers did her some good and she is finally recovering from those sprains. Still not sure how she managed to sprain both legs, but so happy she is doing well. Also noticed Zee is getting better. Here is her side a few months ago

See how much she ripped out her fur… Now look

Sorry for the blurry photo, she won’t sit still…. You can kind of see that the fur is growing back now. Hopefully it will be all back soon.

Thanks again everyone who helped with the Vet bills, would have been a really difficult month without the help, still have to take Patches back next month to make sure everything is alright. Going to be another expensive visit because they want more blood work and other tests… fun… Just glad they are both doing better. 

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