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Category: Character Profles

Category: Character Profles

Finished another two Character Profiles for Inside OuT, Now all the Princes are finished. You can check out all the finished one on Tapastic with bits of extra info about each of them. I’ll try to get the others finished another day… still have a lot to do… not even half done these yet… You can see all the textless versions on Patreon. 

Help me continue to create more yuri by supporting me on Patreon for more art, videos, WIP, Wallpaper, Private discord channel and more. 

Read the first 2 volumes of Inside OuT and half of Vol 3 on Tapastic now. 

Also check my Youtube channel for art and news videos (new thing I’ve started up… Art videos are first posted for Patreon and after 6 months opened to public.)

I’ll be back to work on more of these and more pages on Tuesday. Have a good week. 

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