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Category: Character Relationships

Category: Character Relationships

Happy 2018, Here is the updated character relationship chart for my yuri webcomic dealing with Gender identity and Asexuality. I’ve added in all the new characters, some yet to appear. Was difficult adding in Akira’s friends since I had to extend the borders to fit in more. This is getting more and more complicated. I’m probably going to need to rework the entire thing at the 10th anniversary the way I’m going. I’m working on more profiles for the Profile page, just taking a while. 

Read Inside Out from the beginning on Tumblr

Help me continue to create more yuri, ace and gender identity stories become a pledge on my Patron, donate to my Ko-fi or read my works on Tapastic/send tips. Thanks for all the support in 2017, here is looking forward to 2018. 

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