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Category: Clip Studio Paint

Category: Clip Studio Paint

I just opened up another old video to the public. This one is me inking Inside Out vol 3 Page 92. I needed to break it into two parts because at the time I could only pot 15 min videos. Also no sound because I didn’t have a mic at that time either. These videos are posted for my Patreon page and opened to the public around 6 months later. 

At the time I was still learning how to use Clip Studio Paint EX as was still stumbling my way through the program. 

Well enjoy. 

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The next page of my yuri manga series, Inside OuT, has been posted on Patreon for my $1 pledges. It will be up for public on Tapastic on Saturday at 5 pm EST. I blocked out the text to keep the page a mystery, even though it is only for less then 24 hours… 

I wasn’t sure I’d get this one finished… was having a lot of troubles from being extremely tired to odd computer issues… Hopefully I can get this new computer built in another month or so  because I don’t see this one lasting much longer the way it is going… 

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