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Furocious Cat Ears, Mini Felines Familar and Noble Count Outfit are back!!!! I’ve been waiting for that Cat ears for a looonnggg time now. Missed them before, need to grind 85 gold, or do, to get the gems for them… but need to do art work first… I got even sicker today so don’t know how well that will go, but I have 7 days to try. Also, the Noble Count outfit I’ve loved because it allows female Asura and Charr to wear a Tux, it is great. I’ll try for that one if I can get those cat ears. 

Now off to try to draw more art work. 


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So I made the school uniform from the deviantART comic Inside Out created by The-Yuri-Canon.  I hope people like it. 

If you’re interested in checking the comic out 

Tapastic page: https://tapas.io/series/Yuri-Tale-Inside-OuT

 Patreon  page:   https://www.patreon.com/TheYuriCanon

Look everyone, it’s Erimi’s Uniform!!! I’m glad you liked it. I turned out very cute and nice. Love that you got the school crest there too. 

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