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Category: DanMachi

Category: DanMachi

Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria

Genre Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Seasons/Episodes: 12

Synopsis: Sword princess Aiz Wallenstein. Today, once again, the strongest female swordsman heads to the giant labyrinth known as the “Dungeon” along with her allies. On the 50th floor where mysteries and threats such as a decayed dragon’s corpse that crumbles to ash and an irregularity that creeps ever closer to the party loom, Aiz calls for the wind and heads deeper into the darkness of the Dungeon. Eventually, she finds herself meeting a boy for the first time. “Um, are you OK?” In the Labyrinth City of Orario, the contrasting stories of the boy and the girl intersect!

Plot Rating: 7/10

Character Development Rating: 7/10

Progression Rating: 7/10

Animation Rating: 8/10

Conclusion Rating: 8/10

Technical Overall Rating (based on average of above ratings): 7.4/10

*This rating is unbiased and based completely on the honest ratings for each category and so may often be lower than my personal rating. This is the rating you’d probably like to go by when deciding if you’ll watch a series or not, unless my explanation for my personal rating of why it deserved a better rating is one you agree with

Personal Overall Rating (based solely on my personal enjoyment): 7.5/10

*This rating is totally biased and based completely on my personal feelings of the anime. This will often be higher than the technical rating because sometimes I love certain series despite them being kind of bad. My reasons for the higher rating will often be given here or in the GC.

Should You Watch: If you enjoyed DanMachi and want alternative views to key events, probably.

General Comments: So, this is a spin-off of DanMachi, focusing on Ais, the Sword Princess of the Loki Familia who we all know Bell fawned over in the main series. We see more on her familia and their adventures and how they intersect with Bell’s. The characters were fun and interesting, though the my personal favorite was Riveria. It was an entertaining plot and had decent action, but the depth of the plot seemed lacking. It’s strange that the main series had more ecchi to it than this and probably shouldn’t have been taken seriously, but it’s actually much deeper, more developed and more enjoyable than this spin-off was. It was nice to see Ais’ view for a change in things, but because her character isn’t very expressive as it is, I had a harder time keeping attention. Needless to say, although it was a nice addition to the series and I don’t regret watching it, I prefer DanMachi more. However, based on the ending, it seems likely we will be getting more of it as well as more DanMachi in the future, which is fine with me.

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