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I’ve been getting a little more comfortable with making these videos since I started doing gaming videos. Still have troubles with my voice, and being misgendered by people because of it… but decided to start the month off thanking this month’s Patreons and talk a bit about my plans for the month. 

I really need to get better lighting so Facerig stops acting up the way it has been… Another thing for my list… 

Well thanks everyone, i’ll be back to art and what not on Tuesday as usual. 


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Here is this weeks Yuri Canon news for the week of May 16th – 22nd. 

Hope you enjoy this little video. I need to work on my personally Live 2d character art and maybe some new images since FaceRig doesn’t allow me to use many fonts. 

Hopefully some of you enjoy this little video. Please check the links in the video for more. 

You can find a list of all my sites, social media and what have you here. Since Tumblr is acting weird about external links I had to make a links page for everything just so my posts will show up in the search. Please check the page and help support me by reading my manga series or donating to my Patreon or Ko-fi page. 

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Unused, silly Intro Video for my Motivation video… 

This video is very odd… I don’t know what came over me, but shortly after creating it my mood suddenly shifted and with it so did the mood of the Motivation video... the lighthearted silliness of this video didn’t seem to fit with the more serious, and overly emotional, nature of my Motivation video. So I just left it out. 

The thing is I’d put the time to edit this thing together. It is my second real attempt to edit anything like this actually… After editing it I shared it with my Patreon Page, so when I finished the full video a few asked what happened to this little bit of craziness. Well, it still existed, I just didn’t add it in during the editing… It is rather embarrassing really. Since some asked, here it is… enjoy a bit of my craziness. 

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I made the mistake of reading the FaceRig manual before going to sleep last night so found myself right at it again this morning. I figured out how to move my characters, add in text and images. This opens up all kinds of ideas for what I can do for these little videos. I have to do it in takes so I can change the images between scenes, but for some reason there is a black fade between scenes… need to figure that out… I haven’t done video editing in a very long time. this should be fun and interesting to put together.

Well this is just a quick test video. Me just playing around. Will try to fix things later, shouldn’t be working today, since I work Tuesday – Saturday now, but just having fun with this right now.

Off to study for a little bit to see what the problem with this fade is.  

Have a good Monday.

Help support me creating more yuri content on my Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/TheYuriCanon

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So I made a little video with my new Birthday Present to thank everyone for their birthday wishes and thank the anon for the Birthday gift on Ko-fi earlier today. I tell you I really wanted FaceRig and Live 2D for a while now and wish my first video had turned out. I was laughing so hard because of the glitches that when I hit record I forgot to check my settings and didn’t record any audio… so sad. Then it took several tries to get the OBS to record what was going on so I could show people what the program does. 

The big reason I wanted this program is because I wanted to be able to talk to all of you more, but didn’t want to use my image. There is a reason me and my wife don’t post photos online anymore. After all the harassment and threats we got it became too much for either of us so we just decided to stop posting anything. People just couldn’t understand the fact that I’m very much in the gender neutral and felt the need to harass us, calling me a liar and even trying to blackmail me, even though I’ve explain many times about my gender journey and the struggles I’ve gone through over the years. Some people just didn’t get that I don’t fit into the typical mold and never will. It is really hard to explain and I hope to try with this and in my manga series Inside OuT and Random Acts.  

The thing is I used to love doing panels and talks at conventions, libraries and schools, but due to my health I really can’t do that anymore. so I’ve been looking for an alternative. To tell you my panic attacks and anxiety are so bad that I was really worried about even the sound of my voice, So nervous I almost didn’t do live streams at all. Those of you who showed up for my live streams made me feel a lot better, your kind word mean a lot to me. So I tried to figure out other ways to communicate more, but need to keep safe at the same time. I hope to be able to create my own Live 2D avatar eventually and do more videos, answering your questions and what have you. While my art videos are mostly for my Patreon page I will slowly be making them public over time, just Patreon gets to see them first. These other videos I might make public, depending on how I feel. 

Well, thanks again all of you who have been supporting me over these years. I’m grateful to have so many of you stick around throughout the years. i’m off to get some of my birthday cheese cake now. I’ll be back to art again on Tuesday. 

Hope you all have a good weekend. 

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OMG, you guys are all so wonderful. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I can’t believe another Anon sent me a birthday gift on Ko-fi. Thank you so much. We used some of it to get myself FaceRig and Live 2D (it looks like my wife sent the gifts because we keep all the steam money on one account so she sent them to me.) I’ve wanted this program for a while now, but it didn’t work on my Laptop, but this new computer will be able to run it. Thanks to everyone I get to play with FaceRig and build my own avatar in Live 2D on my birthday. Which means more videos and such for you!

Thank you, Thank you!!! I’m off to play with it right now. Probably will make a silly video, but looking at some of the community made Live 2d models people made right now, so many to look through. 

Thanks again everything

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