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So as some of you know,  I just finished my fall semester, and one of the classes I took was a CG Character Production class, where we had to create a humaniod creature from scratch. I decided to show the process of how I went about creating mine!

Step 1: The Design

To begin, we had create drawings of the creature concept in three views, from the front, side and back:

as an added bonus, I drew some concept ideas of what I wanted:

Step 2: Clay Model

The next step was to create a clay model of our character. This is where I fell flat the most. I’m more of a pen and paper artist, and usually cannot afford the materials for stuff like paint or clay, so this was, in essence, one of my first serious ever clay models, needless to say it didn’t turn out well:

Moral of the story: when making clay sculptures, don’t be an idiot and use support.

Step 3: The CG Model

For the next step we were to create the 3d model for the character. I started with the head:


While most of the other class was using Maya, I decided to work in Blender, mainly because it is the program I know best. While most of the group were making their models using reference pictures and blocking them out, I went a different route. I used the 3D sculpting tool and my tablet to design my model. The ironic thing is, that was more like working with clay. I guess the difference is you can’t ctrl+z clay. So I created my 3d model:

Step 4: Textures

Next was the texturing, which I will admit, I am not the best with color, but I decided to edit the coloring for the clothing a bit.

Step 5: Rigging

Rigging is when you attach a 3d model, like above to a rig, or a series of bones you use to make it move. This was a difficult process of making sure all the bones move in the correct directions, and can look a bit intimidating when the whole rig is finished:


The bones allows my model to be posed and move, so I could use it in animation, or games, if I chose to do so. Here are some rendered poses for my model:


As you can see, I had to change some things for my original character design, mainly due to time constraints and laziness. First I removed the “dreadlocks” of the model. originally I wanted them to move with the force of gravity, but some setbacks made me set that idea aside. I also scrapped the tech I was going to give “her” ( I guess it’s a she, it does look feminine for an alien creature) for the same reason.

All in all I’m happy with this model. This was my first seriously made CG model, and I learned a shit load while doing it. I can’t recommend learning this, if not for the experience and watching something you make from scratch come to life. It is a truly interesting adventure.

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Some of you may know, I’m taking a digital photography class at my college. As one of the assignments, we had to create some art collages, so I thought I would share them with you all!

These won’t be going on my gallery, however, because some of the images contain stock photos, and not of my own taking. Only my original art is allowed on my gallery page, it keeps me feeling genuine.

All of them, of course, have something I have done, whether it be a picture or piece of artwork.

Digital CameraCollage 2Collage 3Collage 4

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It’s finally done! As you can read, my next page for  Kokoro No Kinu is finally finished! It took longer than usual because of school, mainly my CG Character Production class project has taken a lot of my creativity, I’ve been chronicling my process of that on my site as well, so check it out!

Anyway, I now give you the next page to Kokoro No Kinu chapter 3!

Ch3 Page 10.png

As you know, this assuredly puts us past the half-way mark for this chapter, yay! This chapter has taken over a year to make, mainly because of multiple horrible creative blocks lasting months at a time, schoolwork and life has gotten in the way of my progress.

I keep wanting to increase my productivity on this, but the reality is that right now this is basically a side project that I am freely doing, and things like school, where I actually get most of my stabilizing income comes from, takes president to my side work.

This is also why I’m not currently working my ass off trying to make Magicka Mechanica like I would want either. It, at this time, would just be another non-paying side project.

I’m not saying this to complain, I’m just giving you my situation and why it’s taking so long to finish these pages.

Either way, here is my contact lists, in case anyone wants to get in touch, or follow me on other platforms!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Umedyn/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/umedyn
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpCnXMlrOlIR_X4H4G-WZNA
Tumblr:  http://umedyn.tumblr.com/
Email: Umedynartist@gmail.com
Ask.fm: https://ask.fm/umedyn

You can also donate to my art on Patreon
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Umedyn

I will work hard to make my next page come out faster than this one.


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So, this leg of my character design project has been taking up more of my time and frustration than I was expecting, all because of one mistake. This project is the main reason I haven’t finished my latest page of Kokoro No Kinu. This project had so much unnecessary clean-up because I made a small, but huge mistake.

That mistake you might ask? I used a mirror modifier on my model.

Now this is usually a very smart idea when creating a CG character, so you only have to make one side of it, then mirror so both sides match. I did this too, but with one major mistake. You see, when you mirror, you should only have ONE SIDE of the model.

I did not have that.

I basically mirrored both sides of my model. This meant that inside my sculpted model was another, nearly identical model. This screwed EVERYTHING up. Both layers were merged together, meaning I couldn’t just separate them and delete the duplicate.

I spent countless hours fixing the mistakes that made.

Being the idiot I was, I didn’t realize that Blender, the program I am using, has a remesh modifier, which basically made all my hours of constant fixing worthless.

Literally worthless.

Remesh basically does what it says, it remeshed the CG character I had been designing, lowering the polygon count and merged the whole thing, so I had a nice, neat simple polygon mesh of my character.

The sculpting began again.

This was fairly easy, because I already had the design down, it was just recreating it, and I did. So here is my basic “Alien” model, My next steps are the dreads/hair/tendrils(?) and the clothing/tech. this should be fairly easy though.

The next page of Kokoro No Kinu should be out later this week.

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I hate clay. That is the major take away after 5 pounds of it and over 18 hours of work. At every turn something broke, snapped off or just decided it didn’t want to stay connected to the rest of the model. I spent the last 4 hours of this project, and about a pound of the clay to repairs. The legs would not stop breaking. After hours of frustration I glued and taped the damned legs together, and it seemed to work.

I got the clay statuette standing, resting on a Mountain Dew bottle by it’s nub arms because I didn’t have enough clay for the rest of them after repairs, glued it to a heavy sandwiched cardboard base, using some tacky glue that dries clear. This is the result of my hard work.

And now for the best part of this story.

I get this thing wrapped in some bubble wrap and placed in a box that it barely fits in, but it’s nice and secure, no problem, no problem for the hour+ that it’s in the box, nice and neat. I get ready for school, get my box of my hard work, and I step out my door.


Something in the box broke, and now my hard work is laying in pieces at the bottom of this box, bubble wrapped for it’s protection.

I haven’t looked at it yet. I’m guessing, both the legs and the tail has broken, again.

Now I am stuck carrying around a box of my failure until three o’ clock today, a large constant reminder of what I had worked so hard on, that broke as soon as I took a step outside.

This is why I hate clay.

there is one positive takeaway from this whole ordeal, I am more determined than ever to make the CG 3d model work, now more than ever. I guess my teacher will judge my progress and decide if I should attempt it. His input won’t change my resolve.

I will finish what I started, a box of broken dreams beside me or not.

I will fight on,


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So as you all know, or may not, I am creating a 3D model for an original character for my CG Character Production class. I showed some basic drawings when I started the character design, now I am back with some more designs to show you!

To be honest, it’s just three of the same design, just with varied looks. My last designs were of the “nude” alien, meaning it was the alien’s body without any sort of clothing or tech, now she is back, and in my opinion, looking better than ever!

As you can see, I gave “her” some tech, like a holographic glove thing, some oval weapon on the other arm, a shaw and… would you call that a split skirt? Not sure.

But this is how I want my finished 3D model to look, I like the design, but what are your thoughts? Would love to hear them!


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So, as some of you know, I’m currently in a CG Character Design class for my degree. Our main project for the semester is to create a 3d model and animation of a character from the design process to animation.

So I thought “Why not share the process while I am working on it?”

So I am!

The steps are basically The design phase, where I am currently in, the clay model, then CG model and last animation.

My design for this class is an alien of my own creation, currently I have only created the “nude” design of the alien. I am going to draw up a concept for “her” clothing and tech. Here are the concept sketches for my alien.


Since this is going to be a bit more advanced than the average of what my class is going to do, I have to prove to the teacher that I can actually pull this off, I have to create “her” head in CG to prove I can do the work. I started this during class, and here is the progress I have on the head model so far:


I’m using Blender for sculpting the character model… and let me say, I never knew how much fun it is to sculpt a CG model with a graphic tablet. I am loving the process.

I’ll be keeping you all updated as I work on this project!


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After the long summer of drought, I have completed the next page of Kokoro No Kinu! The reason I didn’t complete it before (during the summer when I wanted to actually finish chapter three) was that I hit a particularly hard creative block that lasted the whole summer. This page had something to do with it.

While making it, I had a hard time trying to figure out how to layout this page. I had to literally re-arrange and tweak every panel in this page to fit the flow of the comic. after that brain wracking I hadn’t drawn anything until last week, when I hit pen to paper and the muse came flooding back!

So, without further ado, here is page 9 of chapter 3 of Kokoro No Kinu!

Ch3 Page 9.png

One of the problems I’ve been having is that I’m trying to incorporate more angles in the shots, switching things up, I noticed that I had fallen into the same two types of shots (this page has some of that).

The first, which isn’t as bad is establishing shots, looking at what’s on the table, or showing the outside of something etc.

The other type of panel that I have been working on correcting, is for some reason I had fallen into the leveled shot of a person, (basically if you had taken a camera shot at eye level of the character). You can notice this in panel 3 and panel 5 of this page for reference of what I mean. I have been meaning to change this up, add more detailed panels as well (see panel 1 for what I mean).

I’m still not sure about shadows, not how to add them, I think I’m pretty okay at that, but if and where to add them. If you notice, a decent number of other manga shade the background and scene, but don’t shade the characters, or if they do, it’s usually cross hatching, I’ve been wondering about that.

This chapter I’m experimenting with only shading the clothes on the characters, I’m trying to blend the use of detail and the minimalist style that manga usually has. I guess I’m still trying to figure out what style really works and looks best for me.

But with that being said, I think my muse has returned enough that I can actually get nose to the grindstone and actually make these pages on a more regular basis again.

Until then you know how to contact me, and if you don’t just look below!

You can follow and contact me these ways:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Umedyn/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/umedyn
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpCnXMlrOlIR_X4H4G-WZNA
Tumblr:  http://umedyn.tumblr.com/
Email: Umedynartist@gmail.com
Ask.fm: https://ask.fm/umedyn

You can also donate to my art on Patreon
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Umedyn

So onward and upward to the next page!


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The Undyrkyn are commonly known as the “lesser” races, mainly comprised of “monsters”. These “monsters” decided to turn down their tribal ways and coincide with civilized rules and structures. The Undyrkyn are commonly made up of the three of the more intelligent “monster” races, the Goblins, also known as the Gyblakyn; the Minotuars, or Donmyrkyn; and the Orcs, or Urukyn. This change came around during the beginning of the industrial age of man, and they are the youngest group of races to conform to civilized life. The Undyrkyn have only been a part of society for the last two hundred years, ever since the United Countries Civilities Act of 1634, but would not be considered complete citizens of cultured races until the Undyrkyn Civilities Act of 1802. Because they are so new to society, the Undyrkyn are often looked at with disdain by some of the older races. The Elcarikyn and the Duskoralun are more accepting of the Undyrkyn. The Undyrkyn got their name from the Undyrcar, where the largest of the tribes has been found, after being driven underground after the fall of Undyr Thorymyr and the end of the Age of Terror.

The Undyrkyn are often known as the races who have turned their backs on the old tribal and general barbaric behavior that was so prevalent during the times before human industrialization. The number of Undyrkyn tribes were decimated with the invention of the handheld firearm. Instead of being slaughtered as a people, the three Undyrkyn races declared themselves civilized and worked to make a place for themselves in society. Most Undyrkyn serve as craftmen and laborers, the goblins finding a niche in household domestics mainly, but the most prevalent of jobs for Undyrkyn have been aboard ships, docks and other naval vessels. This does not apply to Minotaurs, who are naturally unfit for sea life. Most Undyrkyn also make up a large portion of the military, with Orcs and Minotaurs making great foot solders and city guards, while the goblins excel at scouting and informants.

Despite the turning from their barbaric lifestyles of the past, there still remains bands and tribes of Undyrkyn who refuse to conform to civilized life. Many of these tribes have been pushed into the Undyrcar, but there still are groups of them that ransack the land, though above ground are the most noticeable in the Serylyn Forest and in the Great Spine. While the Undyrkyn are no longer tribal, there are two major established colonies of Undyrkyn on the islands of Minos and Uru. Minos and Uru was the last major hotspots of tribal activities, before a group of Undyrkyn established colonies on those islands, and transformed the last major tribes into towns, but have kept tribal traditions. Once colonized, Minos and Uru were found to be rich in metals and fertile land that have sustained the Undyrkyn economy on the islands.

The first mention of the Undyrkyn appear near the last hundred or so years of the Mortal Wars between the humans and the elves. Lore states that the sorcerer Undyr Thorymyr used them as foot solders and slaves until the end, and he was driven into the Undyrcar for his crimes against “humanity” and basic morality. It is unclear whether Undyr created the Undyrkyn, as he had claimed, or just controlled them during the mortal wars, and the Age of Terror when he returned. The Undyrkyn claim they were created by the Curydyn Mog’Roth, but because of their average short lifespans, records do not show definitive proof of the Undyrkyn creation. The next major appearance of the Undyrkyn is during the Age of Terror, when the then lich Undyr flooded the United Human Empire with waves of his undead and Undyrkyn solders, leading to the fall of the spread of human expansionism, and the war that lasted nearly two hundred years until he was defeated by human hero Thoran Hallar, the first King of Thorance.

To learn more about the Undyrkyn struggle for recognition, please read “A Brief History of the Undyrkyn Struggle for Recognition as Civilized Peoples“.

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Here we are, another page is ready! I’m trying to get back into the swing of making pages. My typography class took a lot out of me the first half of the summer, being that it was an express course, they squeeze about three months of class into about a month and a half, so I was very preoccupied.

That being said, I am back working on my pages full force, when I’m not in a reading marathon with the latest lesbian fiction book I’ve decided to read, which has happened more this summer than I care to admit. Some are really good, so no regrets.

Anyway, you didn’t come to hear me complain about my procrastination or love of lesbian literature, you came for the next page, so here it is!

Ch3 Page 8.png

As you can see, things are started to get a little heated between the two. Hitomi has, of course, been annoyed by the attention Tomoko has been paying towards Machiko during their pre-entrance exam studying, and she is getting a little fed up with Tomoko’s constant distractions from the task at hand.

As always, here is my contact block, enjoy!

You can follow and contact me these ways:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Umedyn/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/umedyn
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpCnXMlrOlIR_X4H4G-WZNA
Tumblr:  http://umedyn.tumblr.com/
Email: Umedynartist@gmail.com
Ask.fm: https://ask.fm/umedyn

You can also donate to my art on Patreon
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Umedyn


Hopefully my page work will increase in quantity, until then,


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