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So, sometime this year, South Park The Fractured But Whole is coming out (after being pushed back for MONTHS in development hell) and since I LOVED Stick of Truth, I wanted to see who else has been looking forward to this game?

That being said, there is another reason, a theory about the game I thought of, and I think might be quite interesting. Unlike the Stick of Truth, in Fractured But Whole you can pick your gender, so that means you can be either a boy or a girl. Now this raises a question I have about that, and something South Park may honestly do. Since the game is a sequel, you play as your character from the last game, who is a boy, but in The Fractured But Whole (I love saying that) you can pick your gender. So does that mean in The Fractured But Whole, if you picked a girl as your character (as I will, of course) does that mean your character is transgender? I think South Park would go this route, and for a few reasons

In one of the latest South Park seasons (I think 18) part of the story arc was that Cartman was trying to get his own bathroom at school, so he pretended to be “Transginger” (his own mess-up of the term transgender) to use the girl’s much better bathroom at recess. This played out that when the school declared that anyone can use the bathroom they felt comfortable in, Cartman became a Youtuber and gained in popularity, all so he could use his own personal bathroom again.

The point is, that transgender themes played a large part of a past season, and the South Park game Stick of Truth gave a lot of in jokes to the series, and The Fractured But Whole is going to be the same way, so it stands that the situation above will be mentioned in the game, seeing as it was made after the last game. I think that since you can now pick your gender, and you are suppose to be the same character as the last game, that if you pick a girl, your character will be trans. South Park has the balls to do this, and they’ve done way more controversial stuff in the past, so I think this could be a real possibility.

Does anyone else think this may be possible? Is anyone else looking forward to seeing what the South Park team will do in this game?

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If you know know GW2 is one of the gayest MMOs I’ve come across, the Devs have been great with lots of LGBT representations such as a trans NPC and several openly gay characters, including an on screen lesbian kiss. Well the next episode for Live World 3 is coming out on May 2nd and I’m so excited because it looks like the lesbian couple are both together in this one again, recently they have had missions in different areas of the world so seeing them together is exciting. Apparently LW3 is coming to a close soon and many think this means a new expansion soon too.

Anyways, you can read about it and watch the new trailer on their page, warning it is filled with spoilers if you haven’t played this far.

I’m hoping I can get this new machine’s audio working to record some of the excitement. But must work on art before playing video games that week…

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