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Category: Guild wars 2 beginner's guide

Category: Guild wars 2 beginner’s guide

I’m nearly done my series of Guild Wars 2 videos covering the basics of the game and reasons I enjoy it so much. I hopefully covered everything and will be hosting a live stream of the launch on Sept 22 on twitch, will post more news about that later. Here is a list of the videos with time stamps so people can skip to part they wish to watch. There is so much to go through it has taken me several weeks to put all this together, hope some of you enjoy it. 

Creating a character
A look at Class Professions
Beginners guide part 1

Asura story intro
Tutorial stage, daily rewards: 
Tutorial Asura story cutscene: 
Combat, dodging: 
Tutorial end cut scene: 
Level 2, tool tips, rewards: 
Customizing your character’s looks: 
Waypoints, jumping to other starter zones 
Gaining exp, exploring, Quest hearts, events, reviving: 
Weapon skills:
Salvage, deposit crafting materials, bank: 
Party, moving to new map: 
Gem store, trading post: 
dodge challenge, Hero points, swimming: 
drawing on map, map icons: 
Map complete main cities: 
Repairing gear: 
Lucky, Writs of experience, Achievement rewards: 
Crafting stations: 
Lion’s Arc:
Make over station, change your looks: 
Beginniner Guild Part 2
Home instance, collecting cats:
Level 11, Minis, personal story, spending Hero points: 
WvW, PvP: 
In conclusion: 
Forgot about World bosses: 
bloopers, extra bits: 
Why I love GW2: the gayer side:
Beginner’s guild: Camera, Glider, Mastery, Elite spec: 
I love Asura – My fan art and Asura Emotes: 
Beginner’s guide: Black Lion chest 
Beginner’s guide: level 80 Gearing up and what to do now? 
Beginner’s Guild: More gear (stuff I forgot): 
LGBT and POC representation in Guild Wars 2: 

I plans to do more videos, if people have any questions regarding the game feel free to ask and I’ll see if I can make a video answering it for you. 

Thanks those of you who have already watched, liked, subs and commented. It means a lot to me, doing these videos was very stressful, but I had fun. I’m glad some enjoy them. 

See you in Elona in 2 days!!!

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