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Category: guild wars 2 fan art

Category: guild wars 2 fan art

I finally finished this silly Guild Wars 2 strip. I got the idea while playing PoF and it kind of stuck so had to do it. I was struggling a lot with the armor details and had to redraw it a couple of time before I got it to look anywhere near where I wanted it. I wish I’d did it a little differently, but a little too late now…

If you don’t know Wooden Potatoes is a youtuber who specializes in GW lore for both games, filling in a lot of the gaps many of us gamers might have missed. I’ve been watching these videos for many years now and tend to get distracted from my art work when a new one is released. After playing PoF I just had to do this bit of silliness. 

I hope some of you enjoy this.


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Finished one more Guild Wars 2 Asura Fanart piece before PoF launch! This time of my little Thief. I mentioned I was going to do this one in my GW2 video about my other Asura projects. I’m glad people have been enjoying these little pieces so far. I’ll try to do more eventually, just getting ready to do more videos and streaming the expansion. 

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