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Category: guild wars 2 mounts

Category: guild wars 2 mounts

It took me nearly 2 weeks but I got it!!! Someone on twitter just gave me 90 gold to finish the collection yesterday and I finally got the Guild Wars 2 Griffon!!! i’m so excited, trying to level it up before doing a mounts video as part of my Beginner’s guide to GW2. Want to really show off how this beauty can fly. I feel like this is karma because I spent the day before helping a lot of new players on core maps while farming Iron. I really love using my mounts to help out others. The Jackal is great for giving players barrier when I see them struggling. The Springer for jumping up high when I see a downed player and now I’ll be able to quickly fly to people who call out for help!!! So great! 

Well, off to level this beauty. I have all the mastery points needed, just need another level and a half to max it out. 

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