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Category: gw2 pof

Category: gw2 pof

I finally finished this silly Guild Wars 2 strip. I got the idea while playing PoF and it kind of stuck so had to do it. I was struggling a lot with the armor details and had to redraw it a couple of time before I got it to look anywhere near where I wanted it. I wish I’d did it a little differently, but a little too late now…

If you don’t know Wooden Potatoes is a youtuber who specializes in GW lore for both games, filling in a lot of the gaps many of us gamers might have missed. I’ve been watching these videos for many years now and tend to get distracted from my art work when a new one is released. After playing PoF I just had to do this bit of silliness. 

I hope some of you enjoy this.


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