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Category: Hatsune Miku


Miku’s on Tapas!! Click the Picture to go to the page!

With that comes some news on how future updates will go:

  • I’ll be
    moving over to Tapas.io for posting as well!

    Yep! That’s the reason for the changes around here! This doesn’t mean that
    posting will stop here though!
    The plan is to have updates go up
    early over there on Fridays and Saturdays and then updates will post
    here on Tuesdays and Thursdays the following week. So it’ll be like an advanced viewing on
    Tapas. Questions will still be hosted here and you are still
    encouraged to send them! Supporting me on Tapas too would mean more than the world to me~

  •  Since there were changes that needed to be made with the move I went through and polished up a few things that I think got lost over time and made some new fun concepts and designs. Basically since I can’t repost the old posts to tapas I’m trying to make it so everything gets introduced in a way that all viewers will be able to understand and make the blog something I can run putting my best foot forward as a mod and a creator! Most of the big changes you’ve already seen with the first post! Sadly this means with upcoming posts the old posts will not be taken into consideration as established lore. But I think things will be fun moving forward!

  • As for what will happen to the old posts, I will keep them on the blog for about 3 weeks before I
    decide whether or not I’d like to private them from the blog for ease
    of access
    . If you are worried about accessing the posts, I’ll always
    have them backed- up on my archive blog here so you’ll always be able
    to view them even if I private them on this blog.  

Other than that, not too many big
changes in regards to characters, a lot of familiar faces will still be around and they’ll still act generally the same! 

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Happy Birthday Miku and 3rd Anniversary of my Miku blogs!

Thanks to all of my followers and to everyone for making this such a fun experience!

More gushing and other things below the cut:

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It has been great seeing how much you have developed over the years, glad I could be a part of it. I hope for many more years of your wonderful part. Thanks for sharing your talents with us all. 

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“Sand Planet” Heading to Project DIVA Future Tone DX

A new song is heading to Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone DX: Hachi’s recently released (and very popular) “Sand Planet”, the theme song of Magical Mirai 2017! 

Instead of using a specific PV, the game will instead use the official MV for the song. 

Project Diva Future Tone DX goes on sale November 22nd for the PS4! 

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I never noticed this before now. I made a screenshot of Unhappy Refrain from Project Diva Future tone and was using it as my wallpaper on my new computer. After a couple of days I noticed something unusual. Miku is carrying a shotgun in the opening of the PV. I looked at some others and she has always been carrying this shotgun. You can see a close up on it in this comparison video of Future tone and Diva F

I don’t know how I didn’t notice it before. I just found this interesting because she isn’t carrying it anywhere else, as far as I can see. 

Miku, don’t you know you can’t play guitar and hold a shotgun at the same time?

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