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Category: kase san and morning glories

Category: kase san and morning glories

The Yuri Canon’s Weekly News for May 9 – 15 is now up on YouTube

Trying a few different things this week. The video editor I was using turned out not to be entirely free so I had to try and use the Youtube editor, it worked out alright, just a little odd. I’m still learning how to do these videos… only been doing them a week now. Geez, get so nervous after doing these things… forgot to mention that I am studying up on how to create my own Live 2d character for FaceRig, just going to take some time to learn how it is all done. 

I wanted to do a more personal Monthly thank you to my Patreons, I hopefully didn’t mess up on too many names… I have troubles pronouncing most things… sorry about that… 

Also wanted to bring up the new Kase-san Video, If you haven’t already seen this little short then place take a moment to watch this bit of yuri goodness. 

If you want to know more about GW2 you can check out their website. 

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Your Light ~Kase-san and Morning Glories~ Animation Clip

Kase-san is really happening meeples. They posted this music video earlier today. Having read the manga I can pretty much follow what is going on even without any words. 

For more info check out their official site

Also buy the manga in English now from Seven Seas, Vol 2 out soon 

follow their Twitter for more. 

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