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Category: koe no katachi

Category: koe no katachi

I completely forgot that A Silent Voice – Koe no Katachi was on Crunchy Roll. I’ve been trying to catch up with I should be working on my own story. This is such a hard story to read, I don’t know how i’ll handle the movie… Also, good reference for my own little deaf character in my webmanga series, Inside OuT. I want to get Akira’s character right so have been researching a lot about deaf culture. Mostly using my old memories of having Deaf friends in school. Since I am disabled, the school put me in the handicapped room for “special” kids. I met a few deaf students there and became friends with them. As such I want to make sure my own character is relate-able in some form or another. Just glad people are enjoying Akira so far. I’ll have more of Inside OuT up tomorrow. 

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