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Category: lgbt webcomic

Category: lgbt webcomic

More art for the side story to my LGBT webcomic, Inside OuT. I keep getting a bit distracted sketching this extra piece and felt like finishing them before returning to drawing more pages. 

I have 11 pages of Another Tale sketched up so far, trying to finish part one before inking and toning. Should have the sketching done this month… The inking is going to take a bit with all those backgrounds and lines of books… I hope some will enjoy this little extra story. 

WIP of the pages can be seen for $3 on my Patreon. When I get them finished I’ll be posting them for my $1 pledges, then when finished I’ll put them all up on Tapas. So going to take a bit longer to get this finished… sorry for the delays, trying to work on both stories at once. I hope some enjoy it. 

Thanks everyone for their support during the project. I want this project to be the best that I can so trying not to rush things. Already had to rewrite everything, hopefully this final version people will like. 

Well back to work with me


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Finally figured out why I was having troubles with Inside OuT Another Tale. I needed to go back, remove the first 3 pages and rewrite all the dialogue for the pages. After that was done I was able to finally get past the block I was having for one page and get two new pages posted. Hopefully this works out better. I’m trying to get the first part finished this month, February, if I can. Will see how that works out. 

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My webcomic, Inside OuT- A Yuri tale just reached 600 subs on Tapas. Thanks everyone for reading and subscribing. I’m glad so many are enjoying it. I have a lot more to come, just need to work on more pages before posting them. 

Thanks for all the support. Back to work with me. 

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Not doing too well today, over slept due to nightmares, general depression and feeling overly tired, but I did finish a new piece today, tried out a different colouring style, but not really sure how I feel about it right now. 

Full version is up on Patreon

Characters are Akira and Ayumi from my webcomic Inside OuT. 

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Sketched the 4th page for the new side story to my webcomic series Inside OuT: another Tale. Trying to get more pages done now that this weeks page for the main series and RA are finished. Just running into a bit of trouble after burning the tips of my fingers on my art hand. Doing my best to work on as much as I can with a bandaged hand right now. 

New pages are up on Patreon. 

You can read the main series on Tapastic or Tumblr

New series will be on tapastic when finished. 

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I’ve begun working on a new series of side stories for my LGBT webcomic series, Inside OuT. This series will focus on several of the background characters explaining their struggles. Starting with this new character and Gender journey which leads them to the this unique school of the arts. 2 years before Hitomi started down her road of self discover there was another. This is their tale. 

I’ll be posting the new pages on Patreon under the tag, Another Tale, as I get them finished, Already have 3 pages sketched this week, the WIP will be available for my $3+ Pledges and the finished pages for my $1 Pledges, along with the other rewards. when I’m finally finished with a chapter I’ll be posting it on Tapas. 

I’ve also created a place holder page for the series on Tapas so people can sub and get notified when this series is updated. Not sure how to go about posting this story on tumblr at the moment… 

I’ll be working on this when I have the time after finishing my weekly pages of the main series. Hopefully will have the first side story finished soonish. 

I hope some of you enjoy this new tale. Thanks for your support. 


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Happy 2018, Here is the updated character relationship chart for my yuri webcomic dealing with Gender identity and Asexuality. I’ve added in all the new characters, some yet to appear. Was difficult adding in Akira’s friends since I had to extend the borders to fit in more. This is getting more and more complicated. I’m probably going to need to rework the entire thing at the 10th anniversary the way I’m going. I’m working on more profiles for the Profile page, just taking a while. 

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