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Category: MagicalGirls

Okay, so I’ve been having fun (read: not fun at all) with real life for a while and my releases have suffered as a result. Not so great. But I’m back into it now and have a few things going up in the near future, hurrah. First and foremost, chapter 18 of my magical girl work, Starlight, is being published, rest of the chapter will be up really soon! Beyond that, Aida book 2 is coming along nicely at some 50,000 words, and I have a new novella-length work that’s ~halfway done.

And one other fantasy-related work I’m working hard to sort out that will be more of a regular weekly thing. If you’ve played or are aware of the Rune Factory games, you could pretty much call this something similar. Very slice of life-ish, some drama and potentially conflict of an armed nature, and a core cast of likeable and fun characters who’ll be developed over time in small scenes that slot into a larger narrative.

Finally, I’m working hard on a better routine for my writing in order to get content out on more of a regular schedule. It’s kind of a pain when real life gets in the way, but that’s why I’m trying to write a good bit of stuff up front in order that I always have something to publish even if I’ve had my writing time chewed up by something pointless in life.

As always, if you enjoy my works you can support me on Patreon, or you can buy me a coffee (AKA Writer Fuel, Paypal account needed, nothing more). More support means less real life issues (like putting food on the table, lol) to get in the way of writing you more yuri content 🙂

— Yurika

Read Starlight on Movellas.

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