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So we can finally change our Driver’s license and Health Cards to have X instead of F or M. I’ve been waiting for this since last year, but I find it unusual that from M to F or F to M requires a letter from a doctor and yet the X requires just the License itself. The fact that you don’t need to go through any surgery to get the ID changed, just odd. 

Guess i’ll need to drop by the office soon to get my X. I need to find out if this goes for the Photo ID as well as Driver’s license… since I don’t drive. 

I made a phone call and discovered that Photo ID can not be changed, but interestingly enough we can get our Birth Certificate changed to X. Now that changes a lot because you need to show you Birth Certificate for a lot of ID and what now. So I can go in and get a form to wipe out that part of my Birth Certificate and get my Health Card changed. Now if only they would fix the Photo ID so people who can’t drive don’t have this problem.  

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