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Category: Movies and Shows

What do you think about Netflix cancelling Sens8? Personally I LOVE the show. It has the Watchowski’s level of detail, but it’s not muddled like the Matrix was. It had probably the most inclusive cast of characters of almost any show, and season 2 was A-freaking-mazing! Going above and beyond what they started in season 1.

Now netflix says they’re cancelling it. Personally I think it is a horrible decision. I know they stated it was over the cost to make each episode, but they could have at least worked out a compromise, like lessening the locations for season 3, especially after it had ended (no spoilers please, for those that haven’t seen it) and the backlash Netflix has been getting over it has been ENORMOUS. Apparently they are not above making a movie to rap up the series, but right now it feels like the Firefly of the LGBT community.

Maybe another network like Hulu might pick it up, but I hope somehow, Sens8 will live on.

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