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Random Acts – Washroom Crisis Part 3 by The Yuri Canon

Read Random Acts from the Beginning. 

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I have one more of these to finish just having some troubles figuring out the layout… probably drained myself drawing too many pages of Inside OuT this week. I hope people enjoy this so far. i’ll hopefully have more new pages next week. 

3 out of 4 finished for Washroom Crisis. Need to figure out the rest next week. 

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Thanks for all the support. 


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Random Acts of Katness – Washroom Crisis Part 1

Read from the beginning and at a larger scale on tumblr. 

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This series is actually very hard for me to write. I decided to break it into parts because it some parts are so stressful. Part two is now up on Tapastic if you are interested. I’ll try to get more done next week. 

This series has been rather stressful, if you check Tapastic you’ll see the reason I needed a break today. 

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