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Nearly finished next page of my Yuri tale Inside OuT. Might get this done before the deadline afterall.
Read Inside out @ http://tapas.I/series/Yuri-Tale–Inside-OuT

Ok I know. I reblogged this comic already, but this character is my fav character. I just thought that was important to mention. Thank you. Now go read it. 

Thank you so much. I’m so happy people are enjoying Setsuko’s story and character in general. I really wanted to incorporate a more gender neutral character that is struggling with their identity while still coming across as this cool, level headed character. Setsuko has quickly become one of the most popular characters in Inside OuT, there has been some negative people not liking a trans character having so much story time, but those people forget that Inside OuT is the story of self discovery and Gender identity more than it is a yuri romance. 

Thank you all of you who support and told me how much you like Setsuko because I’ve wanted to go deeper into their character and now that the Ace storyline has settled I’ll be returning to more about their past. 

Look forward to more about Setsuko and the rest of the cast on Tapastic. I’ll try to update every week, depending on my health. I post more of my story ideas, plans and WIP on Patreon.  

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