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Category: Path of fire

Our Guild Wars 2 LGBT Guild, Our Sanctuary, just got the new Path of Fire Guild Hall and I decided to take a quick look around before the next guild event, a guild hall mounted race. Lyl spent a lot of time putting together this little race track for us and I previewed it in this video as I took a little tour of the new hall. I’ll post the race as soon as it is finished Processing. 

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The Case of the Frustrating Chef Mastery… This had to be one of the hardest Mastery points to get in Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire. I was struggling with it during the demo, but gave up because everything would be deleted after the demo so no use stressing out over it. A few people saw this in my demo video and wanted to see how I would react to actually trying this when the expansion went live and will here it is. It took me 10 mins but I finally beat it and can show people that I did it… with a bit of effort. 

I have a bunch of other GW2 videos I’m getting ready to post, expect to see more over time. PoF was so much fun, I enjoyed it so much. Finally finished the main story and now back to art work with me. Thanks those of you who joined me for my live streaming. Sorry I couldn’t continue the next day due to net problems, but I recorded my first experiences so those interested can see the fun I had. 

Well off to art work with me. 

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In my excitement for Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire I have been playing a lot and ended up trying my hand at drawing a couple of my characters. I’ve never drawn anything GW2 related before and drawing Asura was actually rather difficult for me, plus I’m no good at drawing critters so the Springer was really hard. These were just meant to be quick warm ups as I try to get back to art again. Hope some of you enjoy them. 

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OMG OMG Sk8terofbodom just bought me the GW2 path of Fire Ultimate edition!!!! I’m so excited with the vet bills I didn’t think I’d be able to play on release. I really thought it would take longer for the expansion to be released since LW3 just ended. I’m so glad I’ll get to play along with everyone. I’m going to get my giant bunny!!!!

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