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I’ve been getting a little more comfortable with making these videos since I started doing gaming videos. Still have troubles with my voice, and being misgendered by people because of it… but decided to start the month off thanking this month’s Patreons and talk a bit about my plans for the month. 

I really need to get better lighting so Facerig stops acting up the way it has been… Another thing for my list… 

Well thanks everyone, i’ll be back to art and what not on Tuesday as usual. 


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I finally figured out how to add in scrolling text to my videos so I can thank all my Patreon supporters and Those who donated stuff this month. I’ve wanted used to try to add in everyone, but the list got to long so needed to figure out how to fit everyone, I hope this works. 

There is also a special thanks to those of you on Tumblr who have been Helping support my new Asura art, I really appreciate all the likes and reblogs, Thanks so very much. Most notably are @tehnems @the-skrool @Silvernis @smolsura @hanamizono Not sure why, but I can’t seem to get the Mentions to work on a few of you… hopefully you’ll see this. 

Thanks so much for your support this month. Hope you all have a Happy Halloween

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Happy August. I updated my little Patreon comic to include new rewards and other info that wasn’t there before. New Private streaming, $10 tier with art suggestions and Private voice chat and more. Nearly done all of August’s Inside OuT Pages, working on September’s soon. More info on my Patreon page.

 Also still raising money to help pay for our cat’s vet bills. Patches need to go back this month so going to cost even more, any bit of help is greatly appreciated. 

Well back to work with me, lots to do, if only this heat would die down… 

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