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Yuri Tale Inside OuT Vol 3 Page 104 by The Yuri Canon

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Read more on Tapastic (Page 105 will be posted tomorrow Apirl 29th)

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Why is Hitomi dressed as Shirogane Naoto? Find out next week, or check Tapastic tomorrow. 

Sorry I didn’t get anything finished last week, It was a crazy week, as many of you know from my main tumblr page. If you don’t know I got enough from Patreon donation, and a random Ko-fi donator, to finish building the new computer, that with dealing with taxes kind of stressed me out big time last week. I spent most of the time sorting through tax papers and installing programs. It was a busy week, you can see a lot of it on my YouTube Channel.

The reason I’m posting this today instead of on Saturday is because I might be taking tomorrow off, seeing as it is my birthday. So I decided to set this up now, ahead of schedule. 

Well enjoy. I’ll try to get more done next week. 

New Page posted early since I might not be around much tomorrow. 

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