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Here is the Vigil’s way of handling this Rescue mission. I only have the Whisperer’s left to post and I’ve done all the Asura personal story missions. Next up are the Orders. I will be doing these through the eyes of the Asura. If people want to see the other races then please donate to my Ko-fi or Patreon so I can continue this series. If you donate please tell me which race you desire me to do and what storyline you want.

Thanks for watching these videos. I have more to come in the near future. 

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Guild Wars 2 Asura Level 20 Personal story – The Infinity Ball

This is one of the major reasons I wanted to do this series about that Asura personal story. This one explains a lot about the steam creatures and connections to Scarlet and even the attack on Lion’s Arch. How it is all connected is still questionable, but interesting to see that a PC caused a lot of the mess in the first place. 

I hope some of you are enjoying these little videos. I have more of the Asura storyline to come. 

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More Guild Wars 2 videos, I wanted to put together all the Asura starter personal stories for those who don’t play asura and want to see what happened, since some of the characters do appear in other stories later, and so Asura players can either see what the story options are like or see the ones they missed. 

Well enjoy. I’ll make more later, can only do the level 10 story once a week if I want my keys so going to take a few. 

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