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Category: pride 2017

Category: pride 2017

Some Screens from the Guild Wars 2 2017 Pride March. You can watch the stream I was doing on Twitch, however I only ended up taking part for a short bit due to the fact that my wife suddenly decided to join us, who hasn’t played GW2 in 2 years, I was so excited to have her in the game again that when she got bored I convinced her to stay if we went and actually played the game. So we ran off to the HoT zones and were shortly joined by @deglorath and @sk8erofbodom as we rand around helping Kim get new pets for her Ranger and Hero Points for her Druid Specialization. Also this weekend marks the 13th anniversary of our first physical date so I wanted to spend some time with her. 

The twitch stream ran the whole time so you can watch the 7 hours of silliness as my wife kept running up to monsters saying how cute they were and trying to get a closer look. I had a lot of fun. Thanks everyone who joined us. 


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