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Category: Pride flag

I’m almost done all these Character Profile pages. Just one more I have sketched and want to complete, then there are a few very minor characters I’m not to sure about… 

Anyways, I ended the stream early, thanks those of you who dropped by. My Back is bothering me so I’m going to go lay down for a few. i’ll try to stream again another time. 

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Here are a bunch of the photos I took during the Toronto Pride Flag raising easier today. Sorry for the doubles from my Instagram posts, check here for a short video of the Flags being raised. It was great being there and the weather was nice. It only started to pour as everything was dying down and people were just standing about chatting.

I hope the weather is the same the rest of the month, or at least for the Pride Weekend at the very least. Might show up for some events if it is good weather.

Now my legs hit from all the running around. I have art to do for my patron tomorrow so need some rest.

Happy Pride Everyone!!!

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The stream is now over, I finished another Character Profile page. Thank you everyone who came to watch the stream, it was a lot of fun, hope I didn’t scare any of you with my old horror works, seems many still don’t know where I started and are surprised to find I’m originally a horror writer. 

The next page of Inside OuT and Random Acts is now up on Tapastic for everyone to read, I hope you enjoy it. 

Now for my weekly 2 day break, i’ll be back to work on Tuesday creating more videos, art and other madness. 

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Finished another two Character Profiles for Inside OuT, Now all the Princes are finished. You can check out all the finished one on Tapastic with bits of extra info about each of them. I’ll try to get the others finished another day… still have a lot to do… not even half done these yet… You can see all the textless versions on Patreon. 

Help me continue to create more yuri by supporting me on Patreon for more art, videos, WIP, Wallpaper, Private discord channel and more. 

Read the first 2 volumes of Inside OuT and half of Vol 3 on Tapastic now. 

Also check my Youtube channel for art and news videos (new thing I’ve started up… Art videos are first posted for Patreon and after 6 months opened to public.)

I’ll be back to work on more of these and more pages on Tuesday. Have a good week. 

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There, one more Inside OuT character profile page finished, This time it is Prince Erimi. Now I  have many more to go…

So far I’ve finished Ayumi , Akira , Setsuko , Chitose , Suzume  and now Erimi.

I have three others sketched, Onchi , Arisa  and Hisa .

So 11 more I want to finish, Hitomi, Yui, Melody, Mimiko, Rina, Nene, Nanase, Namiko, Tsukiyama, Machi and Ruiko.

Which do people want me to do next? I’ll probably be working on those three I already have sketched first and then the others. If you don’t recall who all these characters are then check the Character Profile page. Everyone should be there… well, aside from Chitose, who is the newest of the bunch… and already finished.

I think that is all for now. I need some rest. Sorry I haven’t got another page of Inside OuT finished, still sorting out the rescripting.

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