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Happy Pride Everyone!!! Here is a Special Pride edition of Random Acts I did just today. After going to the Pride Flag Raising here in Toronto I came up with this little idea and wanted to do it. It took a bit, mostly because I over slept due to the pain I was in, but I got it done on time. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Pride Month. I hope to have more art up soon enough. 

Check my links page for more of my gay social media pages and how to support me creating more gay works.  

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Also read my long running yuri series about gender identity, sexuality and learning to be yourself. Inside OuT. 

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I really wish all places or at least my area was like this 🙂

Won’t stop me from being me either way!! Merry Pride Month everyone!!

Wow, so many people are liking and reblogging this. I’m glad so many of you are enjoying it. Hopefully one day the world will celebrate Pride together. 

I’m actually considered doing a Pride Live stream, depending on how I’m feeling. I want to go to some of the Pride events on Friday the 23rd here in Toronto, planning to try to make it to Trans Pride and the trans Community Festival. I’ve marched in Dyke March and Pride March over the years, but never Trans Pride, mostly due to my health. Hopefully I can make it this year. 

So maybe the Saturday after, depending on how I feel, I could do a Pride Stream. Will see how things go. 

Thanks again everyone for all the notes. Glad you liked it. There will be more posted on Tapastic Tomorrow, Saturday, at 5pm est. 

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