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Guild Wars 2 Pride Event – June 26th ‘16 

Thanks everyone for coming to the event and Trine for arranging it. We had so many people show up that we filled 5 instances and even had several Devs appear to march along with us. Ended up crashing my computer once. “If you want to do a server test, Have a Pride March” Is what I said when I returned, people found it amusing. 

It was a great march, thank you all for coming by. I think I took about 100 screens of the event itself as I tried to get all of you into the frame and ended up lost on different instances from time to time. It was nice being able to take part since I’m not healthy enough to go out in the heat to the real Pride next week. Glad I was able to take part. 

Time to sleep for me. 

Here are some of the screens I took from the GW2 Pride Event last year. It appears I missed yesterday’s events, but there is going to be more today. I’m just trying to decide if I’m going to stream it or not… 

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Happy Pride Everyone!!! Here is a Special Pride edition of Random Acts I did just today. After going to the Pride Flag Raising here in Toronto I came up with this little idea and wanted to do it. It took a bit, mostly because I over slept due to the pain I was in, but I got it done on time. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Pride Month. I hope to have more art up soon enough. 

Check my links page for more of my gay social media pages and how to support me creating more gay works.  

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