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There, one more Inside OuT character profile page finished, This time it is Prince Erimi. Now I  have many more to go…

So far I’ve finished Ayumi , Akira , Setsuko , Chitose , Suzume  and now Erimi.

I have three others sketched, Onchi , Arisa  and Hisa .

So 11 more I want to finish, Hitomi, Yui, Melody, Mimiko, Rina, Nene, Nanase, Namiko, Tsukiyama, Machi and Ruiko.

Which do people want me to do next? I’ll probably be working on those three I already have sketched first and then the others. If you don’t recall who all these characters are then check the Character Profile page. Everyone should be there… well, aside from Chitose, who is the newest of the bunch… and already finished.

I think that is all for now. I need some rest. Sorry I haven’t got another page of Inside OuT finished, still sorting out the rescripting.

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Rebloging for those who didn’t see when I posted this in the middle of the night. 

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YEAH!!!! My little gay webcomic, Inside OuT, had reached over 250 subs on Tapastic in less then a year since I started posting it there. We nearly have 500 followers on its tumble page even.

Thanks everyone for your support. I’ll try to get more pages up next week, things are just slow right now, but nearly finished building this computer so should pick up the speed again soon enough. 

You can read all 424 pages of this rather gay school of the arts on Tapastic now, we are in the middle of Vol 3, the Ace storyline just ended and now the Princely Challenge has begun. Can the shy and quite Hitomi prove she is the better prince against the sly Ruiko, we’ll find out as Chapter 38 continues. 

Wow so many likes mostly surprised but the reblogs this got. Thanks so much foe the support. Almost to 260 subs since I posted this the other day. It means a lot to me. Thanks!

I’ll be back to art tomorrow and start with trying to make an Ayumi asexual piece. Like the Akira and Setsuko ones I’ve already done.

Only a couple weeks and already more subscribers. I’m glad people are enjoying this recent chapter so much, guess people like the whole Princely battle. I can’t believe how many people have been subscribing recently. Getting closer and closer to 300!! 

Thanks everyone. I’ll be back to work on the next page shortly. 

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