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Category: Rules and Announcements

Category: Rules and Announcements

Due to some annoying spamming that has been going on, I had to revise the way we accept members.

In order to be a full member, and post on the other boards, and not just read them, New Members are now REQUIRED to make a topic in the Introductions forum, then a Moderator (most likely me) will place you in the accepted members group, allowing you to post normally.

I’m sorry we have to do this, but blame the spammers, they forced my very annoyed hand.

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Sorry if the Yuri.Media main site feed is acting a little wonky, I was working on the feed catching service, and ticked some boxes, I should have fixed it where the link will now link back to the original site, (technically this is a test to see if it is working, so that too) but no problems, just tweaking some stuff.

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