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Yuri Tale Inside OuT Vol 3 Page 133

Read from the beginning on Tumblr. 

Lost? Check my character profile page or the Character relationship chart. 

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So we begin a new story arc, haven’t touched on Mikiko in a while. Also, @indiefoxtail suggested I do a profile page for Nao next so here you go. She has only been around a couple of weeks, on Patreon and discord, but several have stated how much they liked her designs. I’m glad because it is getting harder to come up with the new princes. 

With this being December that also means the 9th anniversary of Inside OuT is coming up. I have a lot planned for this month including a revised version of the relationship chart, more character profiles, special anniversary art piece and more. You can see it as I get things done on Patreon.

Thanks again for all your support, here is looking forward to another productive month. 


The next page is already up on Tapastic with a special thank you message. November was the most active month that I’ve seen there, with more subs, likes and views of any month since I started posting there over a year ago. Thanks so much all of you who read it there, it means a lot to me, also thanks those who sent me tips, ever little bit helps so much. 

If you don’t already know, Tapastic allows people to buy, or earn, coins that they can use to unlock content or give to their fav artist. This was originally just for the Phone App, but now is available on PC too. Several of you have been generous enough to send me your tips and I’m very grateful. Thank you so very much. 


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Finally finished this piece of my OCs, Erimi and Hitomi, from my yuri series Inside OuT. I haven’t done one like this in years and it took me 3 redraws to get it right and the anxiety it caused just working on it was horrible, but I got it done.

This is only a crop, not sure if the full version is too much, even though it is still rather innocent to me. Check my Patreon Page for the full version, also see the WIP for $3. 

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