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Category: shounen ai

Category: shounen ai

Super Lovers 2

Genre Tags: Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shounen Ai, Yaoi

Seasons/Episodes: 10

Synopsis: Second season of Super Lovers.

Plot Rating: 7/10

Character Development Rating: 8/10

Progression Rating: 8/10

Animation Rating: 9/10

Conclusion Rating: 8/10

Technical Overall Rating (based on average of above ratings): 8/10

*This rating is unbiased and based completely on the honest ratings for each category and so may often be lower than my personal rating. This is the rating you’d probably like to go by when deciding if you’ll watch a series or not, unless my explanation for my personal rating of why it deserved a better rating is one you agree with

Personal Overall Rating (based solely on my personal enjoyment): 8.5/10

*This rating is totally biased and based completely on my personal feelings of the anime. This will often be higher than the technical rating because sometimes I love certain series despite them being kind of bad. My reasons for the higher rating will often be given here or in the GC.

Should You Watch: If you enjoyed the 1st season, of course.

General Comments: So, this got swept under the rug a bit from the Winter season, so it is part of the Spring 2017 review lineup. Super Lovers 2 continues right where the 1st season left off and goes from there. It’s more or less the same plot-line as the 1st, but a bit more static in it’s progression. Although the development continues between Haru and Rin, it sometimes feels like it’s more of the same. I think that’s why it was an urgency for me to watch the episodes each week and hence why it got pushed. However, I didn’t dislike this season at all, I actually enjoyed it, but I can’t say I was quite as excited as I was for the 1st season. In some ways this season was better, but in others it fell a bit short. I think it’s a similar case as with Junjou Romantica, where Season 3 for me was a bit mediocre in retrospect of the 1st two seasons, despite me still enjoying it. I’m not sure why, but I’m finding that I enjoy the sweet and sentimental BL relationships more than the aggressive, overly-physical relationships now a days. This of course is a decent balance between the two, but I found myself wanting more sweet moments. I think it also doesn’t help that Haru is becoming a frustrating character with his lack of development compared to Rin. All in all, Super Lovers 2 was still enjoyable and I’m looking forward to another season, but overall was not as good as the 1st.


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