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Not doing too well right now, but decided to take a look at the wintersday events in Guild Wars 2 for a moment. Decided I wanted a different image for the corner of my video so took this piece I did a couple months back and quickly added in a hat, for silliness. I do wish I could have my character wear the hat and glasses *sighs* 

Currently uploading the video of my checking out the event, just taking a moment to upload.


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Unused, silly Intro Video for my Motivation video… 

This video is very odd… I don’t know what came over me, but shortly after creating it my mood suddenly shifted and with it so did the mood of the Motivation video... the lighthearted silliness of this video didn’t seem to fit with the more serious, and overly emotional, nature of my Motivation video. So I just left it out. 

The thing is I’d put the time to edit this thing together. It is my second real attempt to edit anything like this actually… After editing it I shared it with my Patreon Page, so when I finished the full video a few asked what happened to this little bit of craziness. Well, it still existed, I just didn’t add it in during the editing… It is rather embarrassing really. Since some asked, here it is… enjoy a bit of my craziness. 

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