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Category: Updates

Thanks all my patreon pledges for their continuing support and those who sent Tapas tips, it really means a lot to me. Sorry I haven’t been around much recently. I’ve been working a lot can kind of had a crash. Went to the doc’s on Weds and took Thurs off to recover. Still not doing to great, but I already have the next page of Inside OuT Finished and inked two more pages for Another Tale. I have been pushing myself a bit hard this year. Finishing 10 pages of Inside OuT since New Year and sketching 16 pages of Another Tale. Over half way finished inking Another tale, just need to finish up some extra bits for the backgrounds and then toning. Sorry for the delays, hopefully i’ll have something to show soonish… Well back to work with me. 


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Hi hi, I’m back from my long and exhausting trip to my doctor’s, found out my Thyroid is indeed getting worse. Got a new prescription to up my dose so I’ll hopefully be on track again soon, the doc says it will take about a week for these new meds to take effect so I might still be a little sluggish for a bit…

In other news. Patreon decided to not go with their increased fees. Yeah! so those who support people on Patreon won’t get hit with more fees. Still not pleased then even tried to do that, but still, at least they listened, finally. 

Also, as you see from the image, my friend @deglorath sent me a Humble Bundle gift with a bunch of Visual novels in it, I had Higurashi and Sonohana, along with some others, on my wish list. Now I just need to find the time between art, and pull myself away from GW2, to play them… Thanks Bryn!

I’ll try to get some art done tomorrow. Thanks everyone for all your support. 


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Happy August. I updated my little Patreon comic to include new rewards and other info that wasn’t there before. New Private streaming, $10 tier with art suggestions and Private voice chat and more. Nearly done all of August’s Inside OuT Pages, working on September’s soon. More info on my Patreon page.

 Also still raising money to help pay for our cat’s vet bills. Patches need to go back this month so going to cost even more, any bit of help is greatly appreciated. 

Well back to work with me, lots to do, if only this heat would die down… 

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